Module 2 Discussion: Recognizing Social Change & Human Agency


Module 2 Discussion: Recognizing Social Change & Human Agency Based on the readings in this module and based on your understanding of Massey’s definition of and characteristics of social change and his discussion on recognizing social change, human agency and moral responsibility, what points stand out for you in the video, “Thank You for the Rain”. Make sure to tie your points back to Massey.  (When quoting or summarizing thoughts from Massey include the page numbers. When talking about excerpts from the film, please explain so we know which part of the story you are discussing) Learning Tools Required Reading: * • Massey, Chapter 9, pg. 326-338 * • Massey, Chapter 2, pg. 39-62  * • Video:  Thank you for the Rain (Links to an external site.) Overview In chapter 1 Massey used the example of Iris’ biography to describe the influence of social change on a human life –something discussed in more detail by C. Wright Mills, in Sociological Imagination.  The social changes in Iris’s life were examples of what Massey called:  drivers of social change. In this module, turn your attention to several questions to think about in readings (chapters 2, and 9): * • How do we recognize social change? (p.39-42, p. 58, p.62-74) * • What are the consequences of our decision making and the moral obligations we have in developing public policy and influencing change as human agents? (p. 60-62, p.333-335). Criteria for Discussion: • In your initial post address the question in three paragraphs  • Write in complete sentences • Make sure your comments relate to the topic and to the material covered in your readings and videos.  I am not interested in your own opinion — I need to see that you are reading and watching the material and that you understand the content of the material.  So, to bolster your arguments refer back to the author and other class material and make sure you cite the authors and put page numbers from your source material. • Close the Module 2 Discussion by responding to the video, “Thank You for the Rain” by applying what you learned from Massey’s definition and description of social change; in Massey’s discussion on how we recognize social change; and the consequences of our policy decision making and moral obligations as human agents of change that Massey outlined for us.

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Module 2 Discussion: Recognizing Social Change & Human Agency
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