Mode of transposition of each transposable element | Homework Help

Suppose that you have discovered two different transposable elements (A and B) in yeast and you inserted an intron into each of the elements. Following transposition of each transposable element, you examine the transposed elements to determine if the intron is present. You notice that the intron is present in transposon A but not in transposon B following transposition.

(i) What can you conclude regarding the mode of transposition of each transposable element?
(ii) For each transposon, determine whether they are Class 1 or Class 2 transposable elements.
(iii) Suppose that you transform a different strain of yeast (which does not contain these types of transposable elements) with each of the newly discovered transposable elements. You let each of the elements transpose one time. How many copies of the transposable elements A and B are likely to be present in the genome following one round of transposition?

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Mode of transposition of each transposable element | Homework Help
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