MN3200 Performance Management

MN3200 Performance Management

Winter 2020

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MN3200 Performance Management
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Assignment 1 (Part 1 and 2)

20% of final grade


Designand Evaluate a Performance Appraisal Form

Part 1:DESIGN – Design a Performance Appraisal Tool

Part 2:EVALUATE – Evaluate a Performance Appraisal Tool



Part 1: In pairs, Design a Performance Appraisal Formusing the following guidelines:

  1. Using online sources, select 1 job advertisement/description, which you or your partner may apply to, following graduation from CNAQ. You have the option to choose any job, from any company and industry.  Please be realistic and select a suitable job within your reach, for which you would be interested and passionate to apply.

Advice:  Don’t choose a shorter job advertisement just because it is shorter – it may be more difficult to complete the requirements for the assignment.  Choose wisely (extensive details will assist you on your assignment).  In addition, this job advertisement/description will be used throughout the 3 assignments in MN3200.

Once you have selected the job description, research the company including the vision, mission, strategic goals, and company value statements.  Prepare a brief description, highlighting these items.


  1. You will prepare a performance appraisal template for use with thisselected job description.

(5 points total)

  1. The template format should include the following components:
  • Department name and location to which the job is assigned
  • Employee’s name
  • Job title/name
  • Employee reference or other identifying number
  • The time period being covered in the appraisal – yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, etc. (from / to)
  • Time the employee has held this specific position in years/months
  • How long the employee has been with the organization in total
  • Date appraisal took place
  • Where the appraisal took place
  • Who is the preparing the appraisal and that person’s job title.


  1. One section of the performance appraisal should include a self-appraisal component for the employee to complete before meeting with the supervisor/manager – it should include clear instructions for the employee regarding how to use the self-appraisal. Ensure to consider the type of job, duties and responsibilities of the employee when deciding which questions, the employee needs to consider.Within this process consider the following:

(56 points total)


  1. Prepare discussion questions which are directly related to the job and/or the organization – it makes sense for this type of employee in this type of job to answer these types of questions in order to improve and advance in the organization. Include 6 clear and relevant questions. (18 points)
  2. The self-appraisal should also include an area where the employee can evaluate their progress towards their objectives over the appraisal period, including:
    1. Describe at least 4 relevant work objectives and two performance indicators used to measure progress toward each objective. Describe the rating scale or performance standard/measurement used (you must determine the type of rating scale) and provide space for comments.(14 points)
  3. The self-appraisal must also include a list and brief description of 10 capabilities or knowledge areas (competencies) relevant to the job descriptionand a rating scale.(22 points)
  4. Finally, the self-appraisal must have space for where the employee can describe what objectives they would hope to improve upon or add to their working goals with the company for the next one to five years. (2points)


  1. The second part of the appraisal form is to be completed by the appraiser (supervisor or manager) after the employee completes and submits the self-appraisal described above.

(20 points)

The appraiser’s form must include:

  1. A description of the purpose of the job and its important duties and responsibilities (taken from the job description) – should include at least 6 duties and responsibilities.Also include 3 items from the strategic goals/mission/company values, which may be evaluated for performance(8 points)
  2. An area to review the 6 discussion questions.(1 point)
  3. An area to review the list of 4 work objectives, what performance indicators were used to measure progress and the rating scale used (these should all be the same as the self-appraisal). (1 point)
  4. A place for the 10 capabilities or knowledge areas (competencies) relevant to the job description and the same rating scale used in the self-appraisal.(1 point)
  5. A place to discuss and agree on the employee’s career direction options and wishes and readiness for promotion. The description of areas to cover should be relevant for the job.(3 points)
  6. A place to generally review performance from the last review date and successes achieved and improvements that can be made in competence or skills, etc. This should demonstrate readiness to progress to the next role. (2points)
  7. A place to discuss and agree on 2 specific new objectives that will enable the employee to reach competence and to meet required performance in the current job over the next year and prepare them for future promotion. (2points)
  8. A place to record what specific training and development support will be given to the employee to help the employee achieve the two new objectives above. (2points)


  1. The appraisal form should include space for the following information at the end of the form:(6points)
  • Date and signatures of both employee and the appraiser
  • An area for a recommendation by the appraiser
  • An area for the employee to complete if they wish to add more comments on the appraisal form, objectives, discussion, etc.


  1. Formatting guidelines


  • Use Ariel 12, or Calibri 12 or Times New Roman 12
  • Spelling and grammar
  • The appraisal form should be easy to read and well laid out – for example if you are using tables – you should make sure that rows are not split between pages, and look professional.
  • The appraisal form must be labelled clearly so that the employee and appraiser know exactly which areas belong to which person


Please Note:

Sample performance appraisals are available on D2L for reference and examples.  You may also refer to ABC Company (discussed in class) as a guide.


Part 1 – will contribute70% of your grade on Assignment 1.

Part 2 – an in-class evaluation of an appraisal tool is done separately and will contribute 30% of the grade on Assignment 1.

Part 1 + Part 2 = 20% of your final grade.


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