Military v. Education Budget and Funding Assignment | Online Homework Help

Why our tax money should go towards Education versus Military and how Military spending affects economy

I have attached my rough draft but it needs to be rewritten and the new 3 sources must all be .edu These two sources must be used: 1. Hebert, Jonathan. “Students Will Suffer under Trump’s Education Budget.” Hill, vol. 24, no. 30, 30 Mar. 2017, p. 24. EBSCOhost, 2.Hicks, Kathleen. “Getting to Less: The Truth About Defense Spending.” Foreign Affairs, vol. 99, no. 2, Mar. 2020, p. 56. EBSCOhost, INSTRUCTIONS: Type your paper in (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margin) proper MLA format. Address your paper to an audience that at once agrees with you, disagrees with you, and doesn’t (yet) care. “The Case for X” must be a solution to a problem you identify. In other words, your essay must include a CALL TO ACTION. “The Case for X” must include narrative elements–a story about you or someone relevant to your argument, concrete details, conflict and characters. Plant a naysayer in your argument and refute the counterargument by identifying at least one fallacy. If at all possible, make sure that you integrate source information in an organic way–preferably in the text, rather than via parenthetical citation. Should you use “I”? This essay is about your ideas. The question is not whether you may use “I” in your essay; the question is whether or not you’ve earned the opportunity to use “I” in your essay by offering scholarly sources, telling a good story, and writing in a clear and cogent style. Papers should cite 3-5 sources. Of those sources, at least two must be academic (scholarly) sources from a Napa Valley College database. You may use primary and/or secondary sources. No online sources, unless the address ends in .edu. You may use books and/or articles by academic publishers (university presses, etc.). You may use film or video, but only if approved by me ahead of time. You may use The New York Times as one of the three sources; it is not considered scholarly, but it has a worldwide reputation for thoroughness. Essays from peer-reviewed, academic journals are your BEST BET. You may not use Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media as a source, unless directly related to your thesis. You may not use Wikipedia or The Bible as a source. Books outside of university affiliation may be considered in special circumstances, but only if approved by me ahead of

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Military v. Education Budget and Funding Assignment | Online Homework Help
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