Military Logistics

Multinational Task Force “Maghreb Fraternite” (MN]FMF)
As directed by POTUS, the SECDEF has issued a W ARNORD to CDRUSAFRICOM to begin planning to.
support approximately 1 00K Libyan refugees fleeing into TUNISIA via Ras Ajdir. Refugees are overw?e~mg
UNHCR camps in the vicinity of Ben Gardane and Mednine. In addition, begin planning for the repatnatto~
of2K European citizens fleeing LIBYA and assisting with border security. At a minimum, plan for the possible
introduction of the following US Forces into TUNISIA:
-One C-130J and one CV-22 squadron (approximately 1. lk Airmen) EACH
-A Marine Expeditionary Unit (approx. 2.5k Marines) afloat
-One US Army Division HQ and one Stryker BCT (SBCT) (approx. 5k troops)
French Forces
-6th Light Armored Regiment (800 person), plus 200 Gendarmerie currently operating Area of Responsibility
INITIAL (TENTATIVE) MISSION GUIDANCE: 1) Assist’ the Government of Tunisia (GOT), ICW French
Forces, to secure the TUNISIA international border with LIBYA; 2) Assist with the repatriation of
European citizens; and, 3) support the Lead Federal Agency (LFA) for refugee issues, USAID, to assist
with the expansion of UNHCR refugee camps in the BEN GARDANE and MEDENINE areas .
.,. The MNTFMF is in a supporting role and also must coordinate sustainment support to the US portion
of the MNSOTF occupying a base camp in the AO (approx. 175 comprised of ARSOC, AFSOC,
-AFRICOM has coordinated that the Army Division HQ (TBD) will serve as the US portion of the
MNJTF HQ C2 structure, initially augmented by the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, as well
as individual augmentees from HQ AFRICOM. DIRLAUTH with GOT, supporting DOD agencies,
and French Forces for military C2 structure and coordination.
At this point, you only have access to unclassified websites to obtain schematics (maps/photos) depicting the
geography, locations of ports, roads, and other modes of transportation, as well as commercial activities and
possible locations for US basing. What are e~sential information requirements to “set the Operations·~ea
(OA)”? For example, consider feasible alternatives for Joint Reception, Staging, Onward movement and
Integration operations (JRSOI)? What can be assumed using ACSA, OCS, and host nation support agreements.
What “lead service” arrangements for common user logistics (CUL) are anticipated? What are DLA’s,
TRANSCOM’s, DCMA’s, and AFRICOM’s Service component commands’ expected supporting roles? What
Executive Agency (EA) logistics functions are likely cru~ial to the success of this operation? How so? What
initial thoughts are necessary for the joint logistics staff coordinating BC2WGs effective joint logistics? Don’t
forget to anticipate critical logistics liaison positions. As “MNTFMF” J4 planners, what are the important
planning considerations you should present to the Chief of Staff (COS) during your initial Logistics Overview?
The J35 is developing Phase I (Deploy and Begin Support) of the operation. The Theater Logistics Overview
paper for the Chief, will be submitted NLT 0800′”3•” Feb 2020.
•There is no directed COA at this time.
•FORMAT: Times New Roman, 12-pitch, double spaced, 1-inch margins, save file as
•SUSPENSE: Next Monday (first day of OFDA- USAID Class) NLT 0800
•EVALUATION: The paper will be graded in accordance with the grading rubric.

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