Milestone Activity: The Making of Your Internal Framework

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Your Ethics, Your Understanding
No leadership perspective or decision is approached in a vacuum. All people carry with them some amalgamation of values, ideas, and assumptions that inform their perspective and understanding about the world. In this Learning Activity, you will explore some ideas on ethical development for the purpose of understanding self in relationship to others.

Read this article by Dr. George L. Head titled “Where Our Ethics Come From” in order to further self exploration. You are encouraged to pay particular attention to Dr. Head’s ideas on sources of ethical development which include: childhood upbringing, later life experiences, religious beliefs, codes of ethic, discussion with others, philosophers, and handling ethical dilemmas.

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Milestone Activity: The Making of Your Internal Framework
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In the Learning Activity titled “Your Ethics, Your Understanding,” you engaged ideas related to the sources of values. While in organizations, the source of values includes things such as values statements, codes of ethics, and even policy, thinking of the organization as a microcosm, it’s important to explore where individual values come from, and for leaders it’s important to start with self. Using the Sources of Ethics discussed in the article from the Learning Activity mentioned above as a frame, create an infographic that illustrates the experiences in your life (good and not so good) that helped to form your expectations about right and wrong, and good and bad.

Create an Infographic using Google Drawings (MICROSOFT WORD is fine)

Here is a guide for creating and editing drawings in Google Drawings

Your Google Draw page should include illustrations, as well as text, and explain and illustrate the following:

1. Think of your life from birth to very young adulthood (day 1 – 25 years old).
2. Think of those years in terms of “chapters” to your life divided into the following age groupings: day 1 – 5 years old, 6 – 10, 11 – 15, 16 – 20, 21 – 25. Each grouping represents a chapter.
3. For each of the five chapters, think of one great experience that you can recall even still today and think of one bad experience. The younger in the story you are, the sillier the great or bad experience may seem now, but go with it!
4. Briefly (in the equivalent of 2-4 sentences) comment on the great experience, and what you learned. In the same manner (2-4 sentences) do the same with the bad experience.
5. Consider how these experiences are now lived out in your personal decision-making or your decision-making as leader.
6. Title each of your chapters. The infographic must include obvious and direct connections to the information above; may also include direct/indirect quotes and references the content from the competency content below.

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Microsoft Word can be utilized


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