Midlands Technical College Italy Supply and Demand Dilemma Discussion Description: You will submit a 4-page paper based on a non-US country -ITALY-. Stude

Midlands Technical College Italy Supply and Demand Dilemma Discussion Description:

You will submit a 4-page paper based on a non-US country -ITALY-. Students will discuss a supply and demand dilemma and how it impacts the economic climate, as well as two of the topics from the following list: real GDP per capita, unemployment, inflation, and the national debt. Students will also state the relevancy of the research as a tourist, future employee/employer in that nation, or concerned global citizen.

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Midlands Technical College Italy Supply and Demand Dilemma Discussion Description: You will submit a 4-page paper based on a non-US country -ITALY-. Stude
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Introduction: Basic background about the county (location, population, what the country is known for) and why you chose that country. This segment should not be more than 8 sentences.
Supply and demand dilemma (using the applications from Chapter 3): find an article that expounds on a factor or factors that shift the supply and/or demand curves within a particular market for your country. Discuss how that factor(s) impacts the demand/supply curves and overall price and quantity. Ensure that you address a particular market or industry and not an aggregate demand/supply (Chapter 12) focus.
Economic trends: From the options below, select GDP and another trend to discuss in detail. Ensure that you do not define the terms that you discuss, but that you focus on the changing trends (using the appropriate terminology) and the cause(s) of the changes. This section should be at least 1.5 pages.
Real GDP per capita (required)– any major significant changes /trends within the past 3 years and discuss what is causing the changes (hint: think of what is changing in consumption, investment, government purchases, and net exports). *
Unemployment rate (option #1)- any changes/trends in the past 3 years (good/bad) and discuss what administrators are doing to improve and/or maintain values. In your analysis, also include a brief discussion about what demographics of people suffer from higher (or lower) levels of unemployment and why.*
Inflation (or CPI if you are unable to access the information on inflation) (option #2) – any significant trends or major changes in the past 3 years and at least two factors that are causing the changes. *
National debt (option #3) – Review the last 3 years of national debt information. Is the country spending within its means? Explain what is causing the governing branch to stay within the countries’ financial means or why the governing branch is not able to stay within its financial means.*
Discuss why this is important for you to be informed about the economic climate of this particular country with regards to being a tourist, future employee/employer or concerned global citizen. This segment should be no more than 7 sentences.
Conclusion: Based upon the analysis where do you think the country stands and how can that country improve its economic status? This segment should be no more than 8 sentences.

*- Graphs are required for the macroeconomics indicators. Graphs should reflect a minimum of the last 3 years.

Other project specifications:
Project paper must be 4 complete pages (the fourth page should be filled with the paper content) (double-spaced) Times New Roman 12-point font. The page set-up must be 1-inch margins.
Graphs, charts, cover pages, and reference pages will not count toward the 4 pages that are required. The graphs and charts (for each economic indicator, which is a requirement for the project) must be on a separate page after the body of the paper and properly cited. This is a website that gives some examples of how the information should be displayed (properly citing the graphs):
https://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/cite-write/citation-style-guides/apa/tables-figures Those specific indicators that require a graph/chart have an asterisk beside it in the specifications portion of the project. All graphs should be downloaded from an economic data resource page and properly cited.
Papers should have at least 7 reputable sources. Please note that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for research papers.
The paper must use APA documentation (in-text and reference page required). No plagiarism will be tolerated.
See website for more details: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html
Please note that if the project specifications are not met, points will be deducted as deemed appropriate by the instructor.
Useful websites for research:
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Fed Link
The World Bank: World Bank Link
International Monetary Fund: IMF Link
Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Fed of NY Link


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