Microeconomics Project and Guidelines   Spring 2020 Semester Microeconomics ECON 2302       Project Topic Select one company that delivers goods or services in Qatar (telecommunications, oil & gas, clothes, restaurant/food, cleaning recreation, etc.) 1.           Discuss the market structure of that specific company. 2.           Describe how the firm is operating in this market to produce these goods and/or services 3.           Discuss the technology used by firm in reference to the goods and/or services it produces 4.           Describe its fixed costs 5.           Describe its inputs (workers, material, etc.) and how they affect its variable costs   The written document should reflect the following •      Demonstrated ability to find sources on the specific topic. •      A coherent and systematic research strategy.  •      At least 3 books, academic journals, or web links in the references must be cited in the text. •      Use of appropriate sources for the topic.  •      Uniform and correct bibliographic citation.  •      Correct spelling and grammar.  •      Careful attention should be given to source citations, proper listing of references, the use of footnotes, and the presentation of tables and graphs.   Paper Format  •      Cover page with title, course, name, date •      The paper should include o  Introduction, o  Text discussion, o  Conclusion, o  References (bibliography), o  Appendices (if needed) •      The written document should not exceed 4 pages of text (the text should ideally be between 2 and 3 pages) •      The document must be type-written (use word processor). •      Use double spaced lines, a Times font and 11 or 12 point size.  •      No plagiarization     Resources •      Utilize the library or computer labs, if necessary  •      Additional on-line reference materials      Oral Presentation    ·      Length: 7 minutes ·      additional 3 minutes for questions and/or discussion ·      5 – 8 PowerPoint Slides     Instructor’s Help ► Please seek help, whenever needed!!

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