Medical Law and Ethic for Health

You are skimming through your favorite newspaper editorial page, when you encounter a letter to the editor complaining about the bureaucratic inconvenience of medical reporting requirements for illnesses and certain types of drugs. (That’s all you need to know about this hypothetical letter.)
As a medical professional, you decide to write a 1-2 page letter to the editor in response, either agreeing, disagreeing, or some combination thereof. Should there be reporting requirements?
Note: Identify yourself and your occupation (EMT, Nursing student, etc.), and maintain your professional composure throughout your letter.
In your letter:
-Name the reportable diseases
-Explain the reasoning behind the reporting requirements — AND — indicate whether you AGREE with the requirements, or do NOT agree
-Discuss the Controlled Substances Act
-List the five schedules of controlled substances, and
-Explain the reasoning behind reporting.
As always, REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS one last time before hitting submit. Always do that on the job, so you don’t skip anything.

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Medical Law and Ethic for Health
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