Media artifact and analysis

Paper instructions

1. For this assignment, you will analyze a piece of media that you find and produce a PowerPoint presentation or a Google Slides presentation (must be exported/saved as a PDF) about your analysis.

2. Your piece of media can be a scene from a TV or movie, an advertisement in a magazine, a character in a video game, etc…

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Media artifact and analysis
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3. Email me or send me a Canvas inbox message to let me know what artifact you plan to analyze, so I can let you know if it is OK before you start working on it.

4. You will quote from quality SMC library research sources about the media you are analyzes or the Media10-related issues connected to your artifact.

5. On the last slide of your presentation, you will cite in MLA style (alphabetized by author last name) at least 3 quality library research sources you used in your presentation. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE WIKIPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT.
This is the link for the sources from SMC library that you have to use.

Comments from Customer

Discipline: media gender and race

Hi, this assignment is about choose an media artifact and analysis. you can answer the each questions form the example and write as 2 page. Then mark each question and answer clearly.


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