Meaningful Experiences


My top 3 meaningful experiences 1) Volunteering at the Fire station on the medic unit. Truly helping people in a life or death moment. 2) Helping the underserved communities by providing work, food, conversation to the homeless. 3) Patient X was on suicide watch. This was a meaningful moment because when I saw her as a patient, I talked her out of her negative thoughts and voices. Once she cooled down, I mentioned that she should turn her day/night terrors journals into a book. Months later she was a lot better. She was smiling and laughing. This moment meant a lot to me.  Each topic should be MAX 500 character count for each (150 words each) I need help in elaborating these key things so the reader can feel and sense how meaningful those events are to me. There are no attachments. Just what you see above.

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Meaningful Experiences
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