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Please expand on why you are pursuing this program (250 words or less): What attracted you most to this program (250 words or less)

Construction Administration

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Masters in Construction Administration – Application Personal Info Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Cities and towns are experiencing an unprecedented level of transformation. The New York metro area alone is currently constructing some of the largest and most advanced commercial, housing, and infrastructure projects in the nation. There has never been a greater need—or opportunity—for leaders in the burgeoning field of construction management. Master of Science in Construction Administration prepares construction professionals and those in related fields to tackle, lead, and shape our built environment. Graduates develop rewarding careers with some of the world’s most respected architecture, engineering, and construction firms, entrusted with delivering some of the most impactful projects of our time.

At a Glance

In This Master’s Program, You Will…

  • Prepare to take a leading role in shaping our built environment at a critical time, as the process of building is rapidly evolving.
  • Develop the cross-disciplinary expertise necessary to master new building processes such as the use of 3D bit models.
  • Gain access to key industry leaders, events, and connections, as well as the full range of University resources.
  • Join an unparalleled network of program alumni who touch every major construction project in New York City.
  • Learn effective project management, including hard skills and soft skills.
  • Apply critical thought processes that will allow you to lead large teams and complex construction projects in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.
  • Help shape a legacy in the built environment of the cities and countries in which you live.

Program Features Include…

  • A distinguished faculty of scholar-practitioners and industry leaders who are active in professional construction associations, including the Project Management Institute and the Construction Manager Association of America.
  • An innovative curriculum that focuses on both commercial and residential building sectors and covers processes applicable to any kind of project – from stadiums and parks, to railroad terminals and airports, to bridges and tunnels.
  • A supportive environment in which faculty, mentors, and alumni take a personal interest in your academic and career success.
  • Many opportunities to engage with leaders in the construction industry, network with them, and become a member of their community.
  • In-depth coverage of key topics, including cost estimating and project financing, construction technique, human and material resources, construction law, conflict resolution, and environmental safety and conservation.
  • A Capstone Project in which students create an actionable management plan or project manual for a current New York City-based construction project.
  • Over 350 program alumni who engage in active mentoring and help form the foundation of a robust networking system



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