Marbury v madison

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For your Final Essay assignment, you will choose one of these cases and write a 5-page essay. Essays should be in MLA format (12-point times new roman font, double spaced) and should be a FULL FIVE TO SIX PAGES!!!! You must have a minimum of 4 sources that must be cited properly, using parenthetical citations or foot notes. Please see the APA/MLA Guide available in the Resource Section of the Moodle page if you need help citing.

Topic – You may pick one of the following topics covered in our course:

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Marbury v madison
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1. Marbury v. Madison

2. Scott v. Sanford

3. Prigg v. Pennsylvania

4. United States v. Amistad

The writing assignment for the class will give you a broad latitude in the subject. You will need at least four sources for the citations for your paper. Wikipedia is not a source… please refer to scholarly source materials. Your textbook is not a source. There are numerous databases available through GMC’s library. There is a wealth of material available to you through our GMC library. I do not want an Internet source such as or other such sources. Use actual books, articles, etc or other peer reviewed academic source material available through the library. If you have a question, email me.

There are Three components to your essay. First, you must choose your topic. Second, you must submit a working citations page. Finally, you will submit the essay. I DO NOT REVIEW ROUGH DRAFTS, but tutoring will review your paper before turning in the final draft, I highly recommend taking advantage of this resources.

The paper is 5-6 pages in length. I do not need your name, course number, etc. taking up the top third of your first page. You may include it on a separate title page. Five pages does not mean one sentence on the fifth page. I want five complete pages (more is acceptable) and a separate works cited page.

When you submit your final essay, your must name the file as follows: [your name]-Prof. Johnson Essay-HIS 121. Please make sure that you use Times New Roman with 12 point font, use one inch margins, double spaced, and properly cite your sources with either in text citations, footnotes or end notes if necessary. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Your papers will be submitted to to check for plagiarism.

For this assignment, your paper needs to have an introduction with thesis, body with topic sentences, and a conclusion reinforcing your argument. Your paper can be a comparative or argumentative analysis of the importance of the topic you chose to the era of history and the impact of the person/event to American history in general. I have been asked what format to use for citations. You may use any style that you are comfortable with… MLA, APA, Turabian or others. I am more concerned with you citing your sources in the paper and not simply cutting and pasting materials. Make sure that you paraphrase any lengthy passages using your own words.

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