MAR4355 Rasmussen Module 06 Web Analytics And Conversion Optimization ****(SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FIRST 5 PARTS OF PROJECT)**** You will now finalize y

MAR4355 Rasmussen Module 06 Web Analytics And Conversion Optimization ****(SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FIRST 5 PARTS OF PROJECT)****

You will now finalize your course project by adding the following elements, specific to the web conversion and analytics portion of your strategy:

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MAR4355 Rasmussen Module 06 Web Analytics And Conversion Optimization ****(SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FIRST 5 PARTS OF PROJECT)**** You will now finalize y
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Explain the value of web analytics and conversion optimization
Executive Summary
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis
Conclusions and recommendations 1
Module 06 Course Project
Final Project
Matthew Marquette
Rasmussen College B434/MAR4355
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on March 22th, 2019 for Professor Warren Eck
B434/MAR4355 Section 01 Web Analytics – Online Plus
Background of my client
My client is a loyal type of customer who has been buying my products for a long time.
Her name is Becky and is 33 years old. She lives a few blocks away from where my clothing
enterprise is located. Becky is a jovial and outgoing person who has a clear vision in her life. She
always comes to my business 3-4 times in a month for some items especially the latest dresses
and high heels. She told me she recently graduated with a master’s degree and looks forward in
pursuing her doctorate. Becky works as an executive director of a food service restaurant. In
addition to her daily work, she told she is also running a food service chain that employs more
than 30 employees in her birthplace. She told she enjoys swimming and hanging out with friends
whom she promised to introduce them to my cloth line. Her communication preferences include
Instagram, Pinterest, loyalty app and direct mail.
Unique value proposition (UVP) for the client
The unique value proposition for my client focuses on ensuring value in what they
purchase. The unique proposition for the client is: “Wondering what to wear for the occasion, get
the latest dressing tips and fashions today at no extra costs. “A majority of our clients normally
don’t know what to wear when they want to attend or participate in different activities. We do
deliver on our clients’ needs because I understand what they are looking for in the clothing and
fashion sector. When Becky came to our shop for the first time, she didn’t know what to wear for
her interview. I simply gave her some tips on how to look presentable when attending the
interview. After that, I chose a couple of official clothes for that occasion and from that day; she
decided to be a long-time customer. This is a unique value proposition (UVP) that not only
provides the product but also the service to the client. I did come up with this to target clients
who face many dilemmas in choosing what to wear on different occasions or places. I am simply
telling the client that, they will get the best service from our business not only getting the latest
items but also the latest fashion tips.
Top three competitors
I believe the top three competitors for my client will be American giant, American apparel and
Brass clothing.
a) American giant website is
b) American Apparel can be found on
c) Amazon Inc. can be found on
Web analytics and conversion metrics
Web analytics is an essential feature in online marketing that guides a user in knowing the
source and density of traffic on a website. Web analytics is valuable because it guides a
foundation of content on a website. Having a quality content targeting a group of customers will
convert a business into a sustainable brand. It also establishes the legitimacy of business
especially when potential clients search and find what they are looking for in a website (Clifton,
2010). If the clients find it authentic and legitimate, there is a benefit of conversion and retention.
Conversions and traffic amount to increased revenue and value. Organic content in a website
persist and therefore increases the exposure of business online over time.
Conversion metrics are significant because it indicates the performance of a business and
whether its goals have been achieved within a given time frame. Sales revenue, for instance, is a
good indicator of the interest customers have in a product or service. It is worth tracking monthly
sales for better planning and formulation of better strategies based on the needs of the customers.
It is a useful tool for predicting the success or decline of business by identifying the strongest
parts. If the website gets better conversion rates, it will cut on the ad budget needed to cover
more ground (Sharma, 2016).
Site Overview
The site generally deals with clothing and the latest fashions. You can also find the
business hours on this site which is from 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm on weekdays. This site also
provides services like consultations, free delivery, and design based on the needs of the
customer. In this website, there are a variety of features that make the clients online shopping
easier, for instance, the shopping cart, shipping, and clothing categories. The site concentrates on
AdWords, SERP ads and social ads especially Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in directing
customers to the online store. Some of the products that are available on this site include hats,
suits, shorts, t-shirts, shoes of all types, synthetic clothing, rain gear, pants, and waterproof
Part 2: SWOT analysis
1. Reliable customer when it comes to
2. Good in maintaining a good
3. Always buy more and willing to pay
4. Always motivates the staff
1. Does not give feedback on the items
she buys
2. Doesn’t validate feelings
1. Willing to market the business to her
1. May want to purchase products from
2. Looking for a long term membership in
the competitors
2. Chances of relocation
the business
Three competitors
a. American giant
a. Rapid growth in sales
a. Struggle to meet the orders
b. Well established online presence
b. Delayed shipments
c. Production of quality products
d. Stable customer base
a) Loyal customers
a. Competition from emerging businesses
b) Customer demand for unique products
b. Border taxes
c. Government policies on manufacturing
b. American Apparel
1. Stores worldwide
1. No trends in clothing style
2. High-quality products
2. No variations in their products
3. Clear clothing style
3. Too sexual in advertising
4. Socially responsible
4. CEO with many scandals
5. Full control on production
1. Following new trends
1. Competition from other players
2. Improve on advertising
2. No diversity on adverts
3. Attracting new customers
3. Quite expensive
4. Establishing new shops in the best
4. Change of style from current
5. Customer demand for unique products
c. Amazon
Ability to sell online
Limited flexibility in pricing
Limited start-up risk
High transportation costs
Very high gross margins
Limited start-up costs
Limited competition
Competition from other players
High barriers to entry
Highly experienced owner
Well established online
offering similar products faster
Establishment of more stores
Affiliate relations with other
Regulation from government
Increase in insurance costs
Continued expansion
Competition from other players
Acquiring additional capital
Development of proprietary
Potential opportunities in utilizing web analytics tools
The client can get the best deals and products when they utilize web analytics tools. This is
because it will be easy to target them and know their preferences. It can also be an opportunity to
earn money through referrals to other customers. Another opportunity is the opportunity of being
a brand ambassador of the business based on the multiple visits to the site. The client will also
have an opportunity to give her feedback on the items she receives.
Clifton, B. (2010). Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley Pub.
Sharma, H. (2016). Maths and stats for Web analytics and conversion optimization.
Part one
Web analytics is an essential feature in online marketing that guides a user in knowing the source
and density of traffic on a website. Conversion metrics are significant because they indicate the
performance of a business and whether its goals have achieved within a given time frame.
The following is the process of implementing an analytics tool for a client.
First is to come up with the business objectives and KPIs. Business objectives are the goals of
the business and the steps involved in the goals. Then the next step is assigning appropriate KPIs.
For instance, the conversion rate and the number of active users is one of the KPIs the client can
use. Come up with steps to accomplish every task in the website features. The measures will help
to visualize the actions that the user performs to accomplish each task. Next step is to transform
every user action into an event. Transformation is achieved by giving your events different levels
of importance and determining the best metrics according to the KPIs that are in use. Some of the
ways to track actions of the users include keeping track of specific URLs, track how much time
the user spends on a particular page and also the number of pages a user goes through before
they leave. Next step is to formulate a plan to track your users. Often a spreadsheet is used is
very convenient for this type of work. Next is to choose an analytics tool that you will use and it
must meet the requirements. Next is to put your analytics tool into use. Add tracking code and
modifications necessary to track additional things. Design and set the user interface of your
analytics and should maximize on the events outlined in the tracking plan. Analytics will help to
achieve your objectives. There should be some different views as well as different filter for the
user to choose what kind of data he needs to view and in what type of format. Permission should
also be available to users for them to see reports of their choice and even the dashboard. Next is
to create a panel and unique descriptions for each data view. They should include some more
information about the user actions on the website. Make sure that the reports are accurate and
give the desired output.
The following are types of analytics reports that are used by the client.
Reports are a critical tool for maintaining the right track of your goals and how far you have
gone to achieve them. For a successful generation of substantial reports, there must be great
attention from the business end users and computer professionals.
Some of the types of analytics reports used by the client include:
Dashboard reports- They contain company data that consists of the performance and comparison
indicators. At a glance, the manager can have an overview of the business. Dashboards report on
how the key performance indicators, metrics and analytics are at a particular time. For instance,
you can have a panel that displays the sales revenue generated in a certain period presented on a
pie chart.
Multidimensional reports- Mostly they contain information ranging from different varieties;
however, you can still filter this information to get the descriptions of your choice. The wide
range of data allows for more precise and meaningful reports. For instance, you are having the
sales revenue generated by each item category and then presenting it in a table format. You can
opt to filter for the items according to your liking.
Technical reports- They involve research none on the business metadata by the data analysts and
also data modelers. For instance, you can have a user’s data on the most clicked item on the
website and even the page he spends his most time on and from this two data sets be able to
predict what his interests are.
Burby, J., Brown, A., & WAA Standards Committee. (2007). Web analytics
definitions. Washington DC: Web Analytics Association.
Creese, G., & Veytsel, A. (2000). Web analytics: Translating clicks into business. Aberdeen
Client Web Redesign Report
Part 1
Most businesses not only have a storefront but also operate an online store. Some
businesses purely operate online. The reason why they are building on their online presence is
that people opt to shop from the comfort of their home. Also, the internet exposes the business to
a broader audience. Operating an online business is not as easy as people think. It needs savvy
individuals who are good at marketing products. For it to succeed, the business owner needs to
create a website where customers can interact with his/her products. Getting people to visit the
site and make a purchase is the hardest part. The Mmarquette company website has a high
bounce rate. This report serves to inform the owner of the company how to redesign the site so
that he can lower its bounce rate.
The bounce rate is the percentage at which individuals exit the website after viewing one
item on the website. If the bounce rate of a website is high, it means that there is something
wrong with the website. If visitors find it hard to navigate the website, they will exit immediately
after they visit it. Other reasons why the bounce rate may be high are; the page takes a longer
time to load, it is not appealing, and the content is not interesting. Bounce rate gets measured in
terms of percentage. Above 80% or below 20% should be a cause of concern for any website.
26% – 40% is generally considered good, 41% – 55% is considered average, 55% – 80% is above
average but not necessarily alarming.
There are metrics that the company should consider when making changes. These
include; the type of visitors. There are two types of visitors, new and returning. Unique visitors
are those that are accessing the site for the first time while returning visitors are those who have
been at the site before (“Meaningful Metrics: New vs Returning Visitors in Google Analytics |
Analytics Edge Help,” n.d.). A high bounce rate indicates that the site mostly gets new users.
There are those who return, but the number is low. It should also look at the time spent on the
site. The site calculates time spent by looking at the time the individual visited the site and the
time they left. Also, it should look at the difference between the time spent on the site by new
visitors and returning visitors. Not to forget, the firm should look at the number of visitors each
day whether they bounce or not. The conversion metric is also important as this helps the
company determine whether it’s achieved its goals or not.
Lowering the bounce rate will mean that customer interaction is high. The company can
then study how customers interact with their site. This information will help it determine what
arouses the interests of most customers and what doesn’t. It will also help them identify the type
of market suitable for its products. There are plenty of changes the company can make to its site
to increase customer interaction rates and lower its currently high bounce rate.
The company should consider using a responsive layout on its website. The layout of a
site is the first thing the visitors look at because, a good layout makes it look beautiful and
inviting, but a bad one is off-putting. For example, a person enters a site and finds things
randomly scattered. They will immediately exit because apart from it making the website looks
ugly; it also displays the lack of seriousness of the company. The company should use a gridbased layout; this type of layout divides content into columns, sections, and boxes (“10 Top
Principles of Effective Web Design | Shortie Designs,” 2019)
Navigation is also another issue the company needs to fix. The website is complicated,
and no internet user wants to sit around trying to figure out how to move around and find the
item they want. Other companies are offering similar products and have user-friendly websites.
The customer will exit and check out the site of the company’s competitor. The company should
consider including a logical page hierarchy. For example, the user will click on the goods offered
which will generate a drop-down menu of all the products of the company. If the customer needs
a hut, they will click on hats which will also generate a drop-down list of the type of hat the
client needs. The client will click on the name of the hat they need and will be directed to the
different huts in that category. The maximum number of clicks a customer should go through
before they find what they are looking for is three. If the customer gets forced to click through
some things, they will exit the website before they get what they needed.
The company should try and implement an F pattern design. Research shows that people
concentrate on the top and the left side of the screen. For example, when a person visits a
website, page, or blog, their eyes first look at what is at the top of the page before moving down.
They also look at the left side first before their eyes move to the right side of the screen. Ads that
get placed on the left get more clicks than those on the right. The company should design the
website in that their content flows from top to bottom and left to right.
Slow internet is annoying but what is more annoying is having fast internet and visiting a
site or page that loads for a long time. If a user clicks on the link of the website and it takes more
than a minute to load, they will merely cancel and move on to another website. For it to increase
load time, it should avoid self-loading multimedia, ensure that external links open in a new tab,
optimize image sizes, and combine code into a central JavaScript or CSS file (Kusinitz, n.d.).
The company should also consider enhancing the website’s readability. It can achieve
this by using large fonts, ensure the website’s color contrast is on point; it should use large
headlines and bulleted lists. If a user visits a site and finds the site uses a small font size, he/she
will exit the site. No one wants to strain to see what is on a website unless they are desperate and
don’t have anywhere else to look. Good color contrasts enhance the appearance of the site, and
bulleted lists make the website look organized.
A high bounce rate is an indication that the site is boring and complicated, for the
company to ensure that the rate decreases, they need to make the site less complicated and more
appealing, not to mention entertaining. In doing so, visitors will spend more time on the website,
keep returning to make purchases, or check out new releases. The products may be of good
quality, but if the site doesn’t attract many people, sales will keep on decreasing.
Part 2
Google Analytics Web analytics service generates reports which a business owner can
use to determine the performance of his company. The client can also use it to determine the best
marketing strategy. Some of these reports include new versus returning visitors report. This
report provides the clients with the number of unique visitors that visit his/her site every day or
the particular day that they requested and the number of returning visitors (“7 essential Google
Analytics reports every marketer must know – Search Engine Land,” 2016). Bounce rate versus
exit rate reports. Bounce rates show the percentage of individuals who exit without performing
any action on the site. Exit rate indicates the percentage of individuals who browse through the
site before they exit. We also have traffic acquisition reports which inform business owners the
number of people visiting the site. It also indicates traffic sources. Finally, we have mobile
performance reports. This report provides information on how …
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