Managing the Path to Technology Watch Proficiency

ENGR 1111 Spring 2020
HW #3 (50 pts)
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Powerpoint and Engineering Schematics
Managing the Path to Technology Watch Proficiency
DUE ONLINE—February 9, 2020, 11:59 pm
Knowledge Map (50 pts)
Completeness (20 points)
All Course names and numbers (10 points)
All connection and critical path (10 points)
Presentation (30 points)
Professionalism (10 points)
Title slide
Font size
Clarity (10 points)
Effective use of Color
Format to minimize ‘busy-ness’
Narrative thread in graphics (10 points)
1. Open the online OSU Course Catalog
a. Find a ‘4000 level’ (i.e. 4xxx) course in your discipline or in a related discipline that will directly or indirectly support your ability to successfully engage with your ‘Technology Watch’ area of interest.
2. Open a new PowerPoint File (SAVE FREQUENTLY!)
a. Create a ‘prerequisite pyramid’ with your 4xxxx course at the top and your current semester courses at the bottom
i. Use text boxes—include course number and name in the box
ii. Show prerequisites for each course 1 level below
iii. Use solid lines to connect prerequisites to courses above
iv. Continue to create the next prerequisite level with connections to the level above until you get to courses you are now taking.
b. Highlight ‘critical path(s)’ by changing the color of those connecting lines
i. ‘Critical path’ is defined as the longest prerequisite string from your current classes to the 4xxx class you’re interested in.
3. Recreate your Powerpoint slide to create a suitable presentation
a. Add a title slide with your name and title (technology and target class)
b. Incrementally build your pyramid on succeeding slides
i. 18 point font is the smallest you should use—this means you may need to break up your ‘pyramid’ across slides while retaining context for the view
c. Show critical path(s) in your final graphic
d. Draw conclusions in your last slide (how many semesters, which courses first, which courses to prioritize)
4. Save and Upload your MS Powerpoint file to the HW#3 dropbox.

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