Student Developed Quizzes

This week each of you will develop a 5-question quiz using true or false, multiple choice, or fill in the blank questions only. Your questions should be designed to test the knowledge of your classmates on the different types of government organizations. In your initial post, you will give your quiz. Provide and answer sheet You will then take two of your classmates’ quizzes, providing each of them feedback on the questions they used and how the quiz helped you increase your understanding of a government organization. Late submissions of this discussion will not be accepted, and quizzes posted after the Day 3 deadline will not receive credit.


Required Text 

Rainey, H. G. (2009). Understanding and managing public organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9780470402924 Book is attached 

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Chapter 3

Required References

U.S. Government Services Administration. (n.d.). Eligible organizations and activities. Retrieved from

Hansan, J.E. (n.d.). Origins of the state-federal public welfare programs (1932-1935). Retrieved from

Rigby, A. (2001). Humanitarian assistance and conflict management: the view from the non-governmental sector. International Affairs, 77(4), 957-966. doi: 10.1111/1468-2346.00229


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