Manager of Asian Operations (MAO)

Paper instructions

This is Applied Case Response

the task should be treated as a professional written interview and responded appropriately.
Both the Briefing Notes Portfolio and Lecture Notes attached should be used as supporting evidence in your responses.
Case study is attached .

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Manager of Asian Operations (MAO)
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The following questions have been sent directly to you from the CEO of your company. The CEO requires you to respond to these questions in individual ‘statements’ directed to the CEO Office.. Please ensure that you follow the instructions and follow the rubric attached carefully and submit 5 answers. All the statements should be professionally formatted. They will all be presented in one complete Word document. Remember, your document will be shared by the Board of Directors, so you will want to impress the CEO with your professional business culture.

Background to assist you to frame your responses.
The CEO has been very impressed by your Briefing Papers and Executive Summary. Your work there has assisted the corporation to make some strategic decisions which have assisted the corporation bottom line and improved their social responsibility and sustainability reputation and performance. The CEO is now considering you as the next potential Manager of Asian Operations (MAO) and for a position on the “Shadow Board”.

think of this precisely applying for a job in a western company in Asia and Convincing the bored I’m the right to the job .its not an essay its about supplying your interviewer with sufficient information for you to be taken seriously for this job , that’s a professional session , so should express professional skills , its essential that you check against the attached rubric in every step aiming for excellent criteria . this should be taken as a serious application for a position and answer adequately to be successful in that position , it should reflect knowledge about Asia business culture however main scope applying knowledge gathered throughout the course materials and suitability for a roll in operation in Asia rather than just telling everything thing I know about Asia . course topics and lectures notes will be attached as this task purpose is to show cumulative learning by applying learning from the course to this job application , please ensure linking to the material .

the subject for this task is Asian Business .the purpose of this course is: • to examine the differences we find when examining the ‘Asian’ ways of doing business; • to look at the differences in the major regions of Asia (East, Northeast, Southeast, South, West: Asia is a large area of the globe); • to examine the role of culture, history and political economy in shaping the economies, and business structure and methods in those nations; •

please check carefully all the attached files as I will provide all the details in order to produce a high-quality answer. please do not accept the order if your 100 % sure of what required and able to produce a high quality response based on the actual topic content provided . please contact for any clarifications


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