Major operating systems.



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Major operating systems.
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Projects provide additional opportunity for you to apply what you learned from the chapter.


Open a browser and connect to the Computer Hope ( website. This site contains tips and information on desktop computing. At this time the home page contains a link titled “History,” on the far right of the page. Click this link. On the Computer history page you will find links to many topics.

Find the history links titled:

  • Apple operating system history
  • MS-DOS history
  • Microsoft Windows history
  • UNIX, Linux, and variant history

Prepare a short (3- to 4-paragraph) paper on the subject:

  • Compare and contrast the nature and pace of development for these major operating systems.
  • Describe the differences in the overall development tracks and theorize about some possible explanations for the differences they find.
  • Create ONLY 1 Word-type document (.rtf or .doc(x) from MS Word, OpenOffice, Google Doc, etc.)



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