Machine design project | Excelling Homework

I need help in my machine design project.
For this project you will create a 10-15 minute video presentation. You will chose a mechanical part ofany car and explain it to the class in your video. You should talk about function, history andimprovements over the years, common problems, and common fixes. Also theorize a possibleimprovement on the design to combat one of these problems. (A minimum 10 slides is required. Thesevideos will be shared with the class.)Rubric: You will be graded on content (50 points)ContentFunction: 15 PointsHistory and Improvements: 15 PointsExisting Issues and Possible Improvements: 20 Points
Example Project Outline: Steering System
– Explain how turning the steering wheel translates to wheel motion.
– Differences in two and 4 wheel drive could be emphasized
– Why was power steering added – what does it do
– Do all cars use the same mechanism to translate steering wheel motion to wheels – or are there differences – if there are differences discuss advantages and disadvantages
– Are people currently working on any other types of steering systems.
– Can you devise another mechanism to translate the motion. Is your way better or worse? Why?
use a new topic not (steering system). prepare a presentation.

please do not use another tutor work I need a new topic avoid copying.

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Machine design project | Excelling Homework
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