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Background: We have now studied Macbeth and the key elements throughout the storytelling of the play. Throughout Acts 1-5, the audience experiences the downfall and demise of a good man because of his ambition; we are subjected to the poor decisions that he makes in regard to his fellow thanes. Task: Using the knowledge of the play, your task is to write the “lost scene” from Macbeth that fills in information that the audience wishes that they had or saw throughout the telling of this story. Through the writing of this scene, you will demonstrate your understanding of the elements of playwriting as well as your understanding of this play and the characters. You have a choice: you may work individually or with one partner. If you choose to work with a partner, you will submit one document for the pairing; please make sure both names are on the final submitted document. Note 1: The “lost scene” should fit within the context of the original play—the actions within the scene cannot change the outcome of the play in any way and the motivations of the characters need to align with the original text. Note 2: I do not expect you to write the “lost scene” in Shakespearean English. If you are using upper-class characters, make sure that they are speaking properly and formally. Here is a checklist for the creation of your scene: Context—at the beginning of the scene, please provide a short synopsis of where this scene would be within the context of the play. In addition, please make an argument as to why this scene is a necessary addition. Use proper scene formatting—please refer to the formatting in either Act 1, Scene 5 Close Read, or the formatting in Act 2, Scene 3 Close Read as a model. In addition, stay consistent within your formatting throughout the entire scene (ie: do not mix and match the formatting). Stage DirectionsDialogue TagsMonologueSoliloquyAside 2 symbols or allusions within the dialogue that are appropriate for the audience (ex: in Lady Macbeth’s speech we had the reference to the raven)Label the symbol/allusion and leave a comment in the dialogue that explains the significance of it and why it is appropriate for the piece Appropriate diction for the characters/piece (see note #2 above) Dramatic Irony—in order to meet this requirement, at least one of your characters should have a secret that the other characters are NOT aware of. Make sure that this secret or suspicion drives the characters’ dialogue within the scene and provides irony when others interact with the character. Times New Roman or Arial, 12 pt font, double spacedMinimum of 4 FULL pages (ie: starting pg. 5)

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Macbeth Scene, Lost Scene Assignment | Essay Help Services
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