M6 Observer Relationships Discussion


PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!! Also, please do not let the attached documents overwhelm you. They are only 1)The directions and 2) Pages from one of the resources listed on the directions page. NOTE: Please use APA 7th ed. for referencing and in-text citations please!! (NO .com references! Only scholarly and peer-reviewed!!!) If you do not have a completed reference (where you retrieved it from if no doi…..), I will cancel the order!! All references need to be in alphabetical order, as 7th ed. APA requires! Competency: 2. Create a theoretical framework for qualitative analysis. Directions: Discuss the four types of relationships between the observer and the observed when doing qualitative observation research. How might the qualitative researcher go about establishing rapport with interviewees or be “inconspicuous” when observing human behavior? Locate a qualitative research study for which the author(s) conducted observations. Present what/whom the author(s) observed. Identify the type of relationship between the author(s) and research participants/subjects.  Should covert observation ever be allowed in research? Why or why not? NOTE: I am a mental health social worker if this should be needed to complete this assignment.

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M6 Observer Relationships Discussion
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