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1.1 Formulate and record project outline specification
1.2 Identify the factors that contribute to the process of project selection

1.3 Produce a specification for the agreed project

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LO1 ONLY | Homework Help
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1.4 Produce a plan for the project

Assignment Brief:
You have been given work experience opportunity in an IT research and development department.

You have been offered a unique opportunity to develop a new product. This can be an experimental project leading to conceptual design with scope for improvement or it can be an idea that you would like to market.
The focus is to use all your new skills in any or all of the following: €“ programming, database design, Spreadsheets modelling, web design, systems design, maths modelling and E-commerce.

The tasks below will help you design, test, implement and evaluate your project. Note you will be using your research skills and professional development skills such as presentations, planning and confident communication in writing to engage in the activities.

You have an option to use one of unit projects or themes to develop further through this assignment.

You will also be observing quality control, health and safety and possibly budget control

You have the following options either work on your own or make up a team: select one.

1. Work in pairs
2. Work in group of 3
3. Work on your own




Agree roles and allocate responsibilities
If working in pairs (1) please state the full name and role of your team below




If working in groups (2) please list the names and roles:





Project management tool kit :https://company.podio.com/l/project-management-software?gclid=CMKIgfyQxLICFUQLfAodKzYAhg

Key task

1. Project selection:
LO 1.2
Identify the factors that contribute to the process of project selection Research and review areas of interest viaa literature review. You will need to have 2 options or ideas for a project.
Evidence: word document of min 500 words
Tips : literature review is comprehension and synthesis of reading a collection of books, journals, e-content articles etc.. on the sort of projects you may be interested in e.g. practical use of Rasberry Pi or improving the library’s computer booking system.
2. Methods of evaluating feasibility of projects
Show how you have determined the feasibility of the project you have chosen €“ how do you know that your project will be possible to execute? Evaluate both options.
Evidence: conduct a feasibility study with illustrations and original flow diagrams of methodology used. 100% originality expected for this task.
3. Initial critical analysis of the outline specification
a) Now that you have identified the projects, write an outline of a specification for each. Identifying goals and limitations; estimating costs and resource implications and value of the project.
b) Critically analyse the specifications against your feasibility report and literature review for project selection purposes.

Evidence: a briefing presentation of 4 slides or a 500 word report on each project.

4. Selection of project option and
Project specification
LO 1.1
Formulate and record project outline

LO 1.3
produce a specification for the agreed project

a) Based on your critical analysis choose your project and develop a list of relevant requirements which should include the following :-Costs, timescales, scale of operation, standards, legislation, ethics, sustainability, quality, fitness-for-purpose, business data, resource implications.
Evidence: report; write coherently and use suitable illustrations where necessary. You must use Harvard style referencing. Flow charts and budget must display 100% originality.
Tips: you will be required to research on IT systems legislations to be able to quote within your report. Only apply legislation that fits the chosen project.
1000 words +/-10%
5. Initiating a project logbook/diary,
c) Keep a diary of meetings, progress, pitfalls, solutions, change of plan/ideas , Structure of groups and collaborative working e.g. learner groups or roles and responsibilities within a work-based project; targets and aims
6. Procedures Write a report on how you will be:
a) planning and monitoring your project, what methods will you be applying
b) What are you operational methods including lines of communication between you and your team or teacher/client
c) Draw up a Risk analysis table €“ what risks are associated with the selected project and what action will you take to reduce the risk.
Evidence: 1000 words +/-10%
7. Project plan:
LO 1.4
produce a plan for the project

Design your final Project plan :
Design/ create a critical path analysis as your project plan which should include timescales, deliverables, milestones, quality assurance systems and quality plans; monitoring progress.
Options for Project planning: MS project, Agile methodology, Gantt charts etc.
1000 words

Submission Format:

You must compile your work in the following manner:
1. File/folder with dividers separating each task and clearly labelled.
2. Each task must be page numbered e.g. task 1 will be No.1 through to task 7 €“ continuous page numbering
3. Header indicating the unit details, your data number and E-signature and your full name.
4. Footer must contain page numbers and file path.
5. Your must have a clearly mapped contents page e.g. task and learning outcomes.
6. Must have an appendix section where your Diary/Log will be filed, roles and responsibility if in a group. OR your daily schedule if doing this on your own.
7. Resources:- Harvard references and bibliography
8. You must submit an e-copy of your work arranged as above €“ CD or USB.




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