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You probably want to live a long and healthy life on this earth. What are you willing to do to make that possible? Here is an assignment that can improve the quality of what you eat, and hence, the quality of your life. Let us develop the rudiments of a maintenance diet for you-a desirable, workable, realistic, non-faIDish maintenance diet-one you follow permanently. You have 4 reference sources:

Your textbook’s chapter on biomolecules; how they are built and used

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Live a long and healthy life on earth | Homework Help
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  • The Bible’s many prescriptive texts regarding nutrition (ignore “descriptive” texts)
  • Trustworthy sources such as:

The foods you select will contain classes of biomolecules: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins, and minerals. Use the following procedure to build your diet.
For your Thread

1.       Go to the Mayo Clinic web site: In the “Search” box at the top of the page, type the phrase: “Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid” and click on the link to this program.

2.       Record the suggested serving numbers to give quantitative values to the categories you will build your diet around.

3.       List the pyramid categories in this order: “Vegetables,” “Fruits,” ” Carbohydrates,” “Proteins,” “Fats,” and “Sweets” (also listing your serving numbers beside each category).

4.       Now list 8 separate specific foods that are well known to be high in each category and that you would eat. Do not reuse any food under a second category. You will thus select 48 foods for your diet: not a huge variety, but it’s a start! ” Leafy greens” or “seafood” are food categories, not specific foods.

5.       Along with your 6 lists of 8 foods, you may submit up to 2 prescriptive Bible passages that you feel most constrain your thinking on these things.

6.       Your goal is always to improve your own list. Include about 54 words for your diet (6 headings + 48 foods) with space left over for 2 Bible verses (for a total of 100 words).


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