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This is a 3 part exam. Answer 2 short answers, 1 essay question and 1 extra credit essay. Please label each section as the question are labeled below. Short answer questions: Write three(3) specific and fully-developed paragraphs for EACH question in response to the questions below. Provide evidence to support your claims 1. In your own words, identify and define two or three important terms from postcolonial theory and explain their relevance to the theory generally and specifically to Edward Said’s “On Orientalism.” Then apply this theoretical perspective to a well thought out analysis of Louise Bennett’s poem “Colonization in Reverse.” Be specific. [You will find the relevant materials in files labeled Week of 4/27.] 2. Write a considered and well-reasoned reflection in which you discuss: (a) your development as a literary or cultural critic this semester; (b) how the diverse theoretical perspectives have affected the ways you read and think about texts; and (c) which theoretical perspective you have you found most compelling and why. Draw upon relevant course materials for your response. Be specific. ***(FOR WRITER: YOU MAY JUST USE THE THEORIES FROM THIS ASSIGNMENT TO MAKE THIS QUESTION EASIER FOR YOU TO ANSWER)*** Essay question: Write an essay, in six(6) specific and fully-developed paragraphs, to answer the following question below. Support your analysis with evidence from the texts in the form of example and quotation, and be sure to explain how the evidence supports your point. – Explain the major points that Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is making about the “signifying monkey” in his text of that title (specifically chapter 2: “The Signifying Monkey and the Language of Signifyin(g): Rhetorical Differences and the Orders of Meaning,” pp. 70–79). Then apply these ideas to develop a coherent analysis of “The Story of the Stupid Lion and the Monkey” from Gabriella Ghermandi’s Queen of Flowers and Pearls. Be specific in both your explanation of Gates’s ideas and their application to Ghermandi’s excerpt. [You will find the relevant materials in file labeled Week of 4/20.} Extra Credit Essay: Answer the following question below in six (6) fully developed paragraphs providing evidence to support your claims. 2. Explain how the concepts of hybridity and transnationalism relate to the main ideas in Rebecca Walkowitz’s article “The Location of Literature: The Transnational Book and the Migrant Writer.” Then apply these ideas to develop a coherent analysis of Igiaba Scego’s short story “Sausages.” Be specific in both your explanation of Walkowitz’s ideas and their application to Scego’s story. [You will find the relevant materials in file labeled Week of 5/11] Create a single Word document for the entire exam. Double-space the document and follow MLA formatting in terms of heading, header, indentation, spacing, and so on. Do not repeat the text of the question in your exam All answers must be in your own words and based on your own reading of the course materials. When you quote, explain how the quote demonstrates the point you are making. Be careful, however, not to quote excessively. Use only the course materials as sources, that is, Klages’s textbook and the materials I have made available through Blackboard. Do not use online sources other than those I have used in the course. Cite all the sources you use as you would in any other paper

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