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There are 4 questions that you have to explore, but before you start you have to watch all these 4 movies to be able answer the questions correctly. 1. Brokeback Mountain (2005), there is also a book for this one. 2. Howards End (1992) 3. Out of Africa (1985) 4. Call Me by Your Name (2017) I uploaded the document for this assignment, PLEASE read carefully and follow the instructions, its very important for my teacher. Do not forget to site your sources if you have any

Department of English

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Literature and Cinema Assignment | Online Homework Help
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English BMF, “Literature and Cinema”

End of Term Reading Exam 20 %



Respond to ALL four questions: each response MUST BE one coherent body paragraph filled with insight, not summative information. Each paragraph is worth 5 % totalling the overall score of 20 %.

Paragraph Organization:

Make sure your paragraphs start with a topic sentence so you can explore the idea you raise in depth.

Dig deeply into the film in-question and cross-reference an important scene to help ground your ideas.

Once you’ve got a clear idea (topic) and good support, explore what you have set up.

Make sure each exploration reflects the kind of insight we generated with the study questions and related assignments. Make sure you are not retelling plot detail but that you are opening up ideas and developing important course-related ideas contextually, historically aware, and with course integrity.

The questions are based on the skeletons I have used throughout the term reflected in the guided notes files I sent to you throughout the term. Make sure you use course vocabulary to help you move forward with your ideas. Don’t de-contextualize—explore the story and the films, the history, and the cinematography in the film versions as well. Use the film’s creative work as a way to generate pertinent ideas and related explorations.

Content and Marking:

Roughly 3 points out of each five will be awarded to the kinds of ideas you raise and the execution of our ideas.

Roughly 2 points will reflect the quality of your prose from basic grammar, to vocabulary, to sentence composition and related clarity.



1-Brokeback Mountain reveals the heart-wrenching difficulties with embracing desire without words or any tangible vocabulary that could foster the love between the leading cowboys. In this novella, what are the sociological factors that keep Ennis and Jack apart? How does the film relay the intensity of the desire between these two men within such an unaccommodating world?

2-Howards End reflects the height of EM Forster’s Edwardian temperament. The film adaptation accurately reveals the privilege of class coupled with the realities of the working class and poor in London in the early 20th century. Explore the way the film uses the friendship between Helen and Leonard to express the problems with class. How does desire both complicate and mend the rather rigid and unfair class system of the time?

3-Out of Africa depicts a release from social convention via the colonial vision of the time. Explore how the film liberates Karen Blixen within the confines of Empire: How does Africa serve as a reality that liberates Karen from the shackles of European social convention? Have a close look at the way Africa is portrayed in this film and the way that the geography of the film accentuates and complicates Karen’s understand of love and marriage.

4-Released during this particularly conservative time, Call me by Your Name became an instant success. Two well cast and straight actors play the roles of younger gay men during the summer of 1983. Social convention, AIDs, and the disparities between European and American life fade into the pastoral of Italy, liberating Elio and Oliver and giving them a summer of true love. How does this film represent desire between the leading characters? Does this film’s reflection of same-sex desire work or is it reductive and cliché? How do we understand the kinds of sexual awakenings that manifest in this film? 








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