Literater Review


*This assignment utilizes Turnitin. This means that this assignment has two Drop boxes; one for submitting a paper to Turnitin as a draft and one for submitting the final version to the instructor for grading. Both submissions are required for this assignment. Since a draft is required, please allow yourself time to complete the draft, submit to Turnitin, and make any needed updates prior to submitting the final paper. Assignment Instructions – Literature Review: (2-3 pages) Conduct a literature review on your identified situation or issue from the SWOT analysis. Access the Galen library to obtain your peer-reviewed articles. The literature review should consist of a minimum of three (3) articles from peer-reviewed journals written within the last 5 years. What evidence supports your concerns? How does this situation impact the cost of healthcare delivery? Paper is to be written in APA format Additional Assignment Instructions: Below is a list of the 5 sections to include in your assignment submission:  Introduction of the Issue- Provide a discussion of the healthcare issue identified in the SWOT analysis.  Inclusion of Three Peer-Reviewed Articles- Provide a summary of the three peer-reviewed articles that align with the identified healthcare issue. Ensure to include in-text citations to reference the articles.   Application of the Evidence- Provide a synthesis (compare and contrast the articles) of the three peer-reviewed articles as it pertains to the identified healthcare issue. Ensure to include in-text citations to reference the articles.   Impact to Healthcare Delivery- Provide a discussion on the way in which the identified issue impacts the healthcare delivery. APA Formatting-The paper is submitted in proper APA format and within the 2-3-page limit. Rubric

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Literater Review
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