LIT 307 Asian American Reading Response

Task. Select a theme, keyword, or repeating image from Exit West(Chapter1 -12) that resonates with you. Then:
Briefly introduce the theme, keyword, or repeating image.
Discuss by considering any of the following questions (you do not need to answer all): Why is this significant to the text? How does this intersect with our course focus / conversations? How might this comment on or relate to our contemporary moment?
If you would like, you might also reflect on the ways this connects to your own life and experiences?
Most of your response should be focused on answering questions (#2) rather than summarizing the text (#1) or relating to your personal experiences (#3). While you can refer to class lecture and discussions, you do not need to. Please do not pull from any other outside sources, including existing interpretations or summaries of the text (coursehero, litcharts, sparknotes, etc.). I’m interested in what you uniquely have to say about the text.
Format. Your reading response should be between 250-500 words (approx. 1-2 pages). As with all of our class work, reading responses should be your own, original work, with proper MLA in-text citations. Please include word count in your response header.
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Literature 307S
15 February 2022
Word Count: 260

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LIT 307 Asian American Reading Response
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