List three roles of lipids in the body and in food supply | Homework Help

1. What are lipids? What are the classes of lipids?

2. Define fat.

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List three roles of lipids in the body and in food supply | Homework Help
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3. List three roles of lipids in the body and in the food supply.

4. What makes up a triglyceride? What is the structure of a triglyceride in food and in the body? Describe simple vs. mixed triglycerides.

5. When you hear the term ‘saturated fat’ what does that mean?

6. How does the level of saturation of a fatty acid affect its shape and the form it takes at room temperature?

7. What effects fat stability? What is hydrogenation?

8. What are trans fats and how do they negatively affect health?

9. Describe essential fatty acids. Why are they essential? What is the impact of the essential fatty acids on heart health?

10. Describe the eicosanoids.

11. What are phospholipids? What are their roles in the body and in food?

12. Describe sterols. What is the most common sterol in the body?

13. Describe lipid digestion. What is the role of bile?

14. Explain enterohepatic circulation.

15. How are lipids absorbed and transported? What are chylomicrons, VLDL, LDL and HDL?

16. What is the role of lipoprotein lipase in the body?

17. Are there consequences for too little fat? If so, what are they?

18. What’s the difference between visible and invisible fats? Give examples of fats that are beneficial to the body, which ones are harmful to the body?

19. What are the health implications of LDL and HDL?

20. What is cardiovascular disease? What are some risk factors?

21. How does saturated, trans- and unsaturated fat intake affect blood cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk?

22. What are some lifestyle changes to help lower cardiovascular disease risk?

23. What is the relationship between fat intake and obesity? Are low fat foods necessarily better?


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