List and explain the levels of organization in human body | Homework Help

Part A:

1. List and explain the levels of organization in the human body.

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List and explain the levels of organization in human body | Homework Help
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2. The maintenance of body temperature and the birth of a baby are two body functions that are regulated by feedback loops. Explain the different feedback loops that regulate each process.

3. Briefly state the principal functions of each of the following: carbohydrate, protein, lipid, and nucleic acid.

4. Compare and contrast how ionic bonds and covalent bonds solve the problem of achieving stability in atoms.

5. List the four stages in active cell division (mitosis) and briefly describe what occurs in each stage.

Part B:

1. Mr. Shepherd has gone outside to shovel snow on a cold day. How does his body maintain a relatively constant body temperature? What is this process called?

2. Florence, a regular patient at your practice, has taken an interest in your work and indicates that she might like to become a medical assistant. However, she is somewhat confused by articles she has read describing new developments and cutting-edge technologies in medical science, and she is concerned about her ability to gain sufficient knowledge to respond to questions from patients about new developments in medicine. She asks you what aspects of your training might provide a knowledge base for understanding emerging technologies in medicine. How do you respond?

3. Bob is told that he has a benign tumor in his abdomen. He is scared and confused about what the tumor is and how it got there. How should you explain to Bob what a tumor is and how it develops?


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