Linguistics: Problem Set 2

Paper instructions

You will need to submit this Problem set as a pdf file. Please give yourself enough time to create the document after you have worked out your answers. Remember that work uploaded after the due date (10:45AM January 28) will be considered late and receive a 10% reduction if, and only if, they are received before the following class (10:45AM January 30).

Please complete the following exercises from the text book (pages 95-99):

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Linguistics: Problem Set 2
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Exercises 2 & 3 on pg. 95. (Two or three sentences each will be sufficient). 5 points each.

15 points total for all of the following:

Exercise 5, e & f, pg. 95

Exercise 6 f & g & h, pg. 96

Exercise 7 c & d & e, pg. 96

Exercise 12 c & d, pg. 98

Exercise 13 d & e & f, pg. 99

Exercise 16 aa & bb & cc & dd & ee, pg. 99


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