letter to a former client

Paper instructions


Write a letter to a former client who has decided to discontinue their professional relationship with your organization because they are dissatisfied with the service provided. Indicate you’ve given thought to and understand their concerns by respectfully acknowledging their viewpoint, but make it clear you are in the right.

The format of your letter should be a PDF (not a Word) document and no longer than one page. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Include a blank line between each of the following components, except for after the closing where you should leave three lines for your signature. There’s no need to sign your letter for this assignment. The names and full postal addresses don’t have to be real, but they should be complete.

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letter to a former client
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Your return address
Name and address of the receiver
Dear Ms Jones (salutation)
Body (an introductory sentence followed by a paragraph of five or six sentences should be adequate, but you can write a couple of shorter paragraphs if you wish – add a concluding sentence)
Yours truly (closing)
Your name
Your title and the name of your organization


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