Leadership Interview


Thank you for you assistance. I was planning on using a former manager from work but your more than welcome to come up with your own “interviewee.” If you want some reference names to create a scenario from Bobby Wilson- Manager for 4 yrs (paint store) Michael Key- Manager for 1 year (restaurant) Devin Floda- Supervisor 3 years ( military) Here is the instructions given from the teacher: * * Leaders Interview Objective:  The objective of this assignment is for you to better understand how leaders see themselves and the leadership roles that they perform. By doing so you will be able to analyze their approach to leadership and describe their leadership style. Additionally your goal is to gain insight into what makes leaders effective in their organizations. NOTE: The individual selected can be a former teacher, a former supervisor, a business leader, a community leader, or an individual the student identifies as having strong leadership characteristics. The individual cannot be a current supervisor or anyone having authority over the student’s workplace, a current teacher, or a close family member.Your final paper should be minimum 10-12 pages in length, double spaced. When due, what you will turn in to me? A packet-(1) A one page executive summary (optional picture of the leader), (2) your final paper (3) you may include your questions in the final paper.  Consider leadership questions (below are some suggestions) that you could ask of a mentor or person that you consider a leader. Consider, what would like to learn from that person, and what would you like to know from them that can assist you in your journey?  Developing your questions early will afford you some level of flexibility in scheduling the meeting and the flow of the meeting. Plan to meet with a person that you do not know, but in a field that ideally interests you. Initiate this assignment with your basic goals, and forecast where you expect to be in 5 years, followed by your list of questions. You will prepare a five minute presentation of your interview for the learning benefit of the class. Guidance:  In order to start the conversation, you may share some of your career aspirations, major, previous work experience, life goals, etc. 1. Provide a context for the interview, e.g. who is the individual, why you selected this individual, in what environment is this individual a leader (community activity, business, library, military, etc.)? Please include the following: Leader Name, Title, Position, Department , A Mini Bio of the person interviewed (Your interviewee may provide this for you or you can obtain from their website) How do you know this leader? How did you get the interview? Was it a pleasant experience or did you think it was hard?  Will there be any follow-up, did you make a career connection, will you maintain contact, will the person serve as a personal mentor, etc.  2. Using your interview questions as an outline, provide the interviewee’s responses.  3. Summarize the discussion. Once you have completed this interview the next step is to write your analysis. Summarizing what the key learning points that emerged for you from this interview. What did you learn about their leadership styles? Connect 5 principles within the text to their style of leadership? What did you learn about yourself? How did this interview help to foster your own philosophy of leadership?  4. State what you have learned from this individual about leadership. Be sure to use course concepts/topics in your discussion.  5. Was this a successful interview or were there areas not covered you wished had been covered? 6. Would this individual be a good mentor for you? Why?  *You may use graphics, video or audio recordings in your final presentation. Potential questions to ask ·         To begin, describe for me your current position, the scope of your responsibilities, and the number of people you are responsible for? ·         What in your background, education, work, and life experiences has prepared you to assume the leadership responsibilities you have today? What has been your path to leadership? ·         From your perspective, are there any differences between management and leadership? If so, how are they similar? How are they different? In your present position, which consumes more of your time? Which has greater impact on the effectiveness of your organization? ·         My professor has talked about leadership broadly as being a relationship among the leader, followers, and the situation in which one leads. In your experience, how does each of these elements contribute to effective leadership? ·         What makes a great leader and what are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader? ·         What is your greatest strength? ·         In what areas you feel that you need to grow as a leader? ·         What do you like about managing people? Or what are the attributes of a good follower? ·         Tell me about the most difficult team you’ve ever lead…why were they difficult and how did you cope? ·         How do you motivate your team? Or what are four or three actions you believe are essential to enable others to be successful? ·         What motivates you to be a leader? ·         How do you deal with people who disagree with you? ·         What is the most difficult part of being a leader? ·         What’s the most difficult decision you’ve had to make recently and how did you come to that decision? ·         How do you go about resolving conflict? ·         Are you a risk taker? ·         How have you encouraged the development of your staff members in the past? ·         What has been your greatest influence as a leader? ·         What advice do you have for building relationships and trust in an organization? ·         Please tell me about individuals who you admire as leaders. What qualities do they have that earn your respect? What qualities or attributes do they possess that you believe have made them particularly effective?

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