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Layout Design Project
Project Overview
Recognizing that the same content can be presented in drastically different manners, you will be creating two
variations of the same flyer, one using a grid and the other a freeform design. For the freeform design, refer to
your Lester textbook, pages 162–165. For the grid design, refer to the Lester textbook, pages 165–168. Design,
color, and type are still important as you strive to create designs in opposing styles.
Project 4: Flyer
Size: 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall.
Tagline: Refresh Yourself at the One-Stop Graphics Source.
Company: Print & Bean Shoppe.
Copy: We provide all your printing and design needs.
Copy2: Serving a full line of specialty coffee and tea.
Copy3: 6879 Marionette Avenue.
Copy4: Saint Paul , MN 55101.
You may use any and all means you feel are needed to construct your designs and meet the objectives.
Manipulate the provided elements and tools in the option you have chosen to create designs for the following
situation. Focus on how best to apply the principles of design to enhance your concept. You may find it
necessary to make many attempts until you create the most effective solution. Remember that design is enhanced
by quality color choices as well. Refer back to pages 171–172 in the Williams text, for a few helpful tips when
designing with type.
Each design must exhibit the principles of design as presented in your readings and texts. Although the different
sources may have presented design in slightly different terms, the general concepts remain the same. Remember,
there is not one correct answer or solution to these projects. There are simply more effective and less effective
visual solutions. Your goal is to create the most effective and visually compelling design.
As you complete your project, please make sure you meet the following expectations:

  1. Effective designs that attract the viewers’ initial attention and encourage sustained visual engagement.
  2. Appropriate application of principles of design.
  3. Creative problem solving.
  4. Color combinations that reinforce the design concept.
  5. Type selections that reinforce project content and format.
  6. Accurate application of grid and freeform design styles.
    Your projects should meet the following requirements:
    Designs must be in color.
    Images must be no larger than 1,200 x 1,200 pixels.
    Save design files in JPEG format for submission.
    Include a brief description for each design that explains how you used the principles of design to meet the
    project requirements.
    5/15/2020 Layout Design Project 2/2
    Most electronic drawing applications provide the option to save your work as a JPEG file, and you will need to
    choose a software program with this option to complete your course project. Windows users may consider using
    Microsoft’s Paint program, found in the Accessories menu (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint). Mac users
    may consider using OmniGraffle, a diagram application that comes bundled with the operating system.
    Additional software options are listed in your course materials Note: If you use a different software application
    than Microsoft Paint, please let your instructor know.
    PowerPoint Option
    Using Microsoft PowerPoint is a good option for either Windows or Mac users, as it allows you to create
    graphics on individual slides, and save your designs in JPEG format. This software is available for free for
    registered students through the Capella University Virtual Bookstore.
    Scanning Option
    If you do not have access to a drawing application, you may draw your designs on paper and scan your projects
    into the computer to be converted into JPEG format for submission. This option requires access to a scanner. If
    you do not have a scanner, you can go to a local printing and photocopy service to have your projects scanned.
    Project Feedback and Revision
    You will be required to create revised versions of your designs for inclusion in the final portfolio of Unit 5. It is
    highly recommended, that you do not wait until the end of the term to revise your projects. In the design world,
    projects are always submitted for approval and then are subject to revisions to create a better project. Study the
    comments made by your instructor and those made by other learners in the discussion critiques to determine how
    best to improve your projects. Being able to incorporate the feedback into your work is a demonstration of your
    mastery and understanding of the principles of visual design and communication.
    Lester, P. M. (2003). Visual communication: Images with messages (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Thomson
    Williams, R. (2003). The non-designer’s design book (2nd ed.). Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press.

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