Law Question

The candidate will develop a 5–8-page paper discussing the perspectives, theories, principles,philosophies, and/or trends that provide the basis for contemporary education practice. The purposeof this paper is to synthesize the various elements discussed in this course, forming a set of 2–3principles from table 4.1 that you could use in your particular leadership role. Describe the Family-school partnership. Organize the paper according to the principles that you have learned, usingdifferent principles for each heading.The paper must follow current APA format, include at least 5 references (1 must be the coursetextbook), and follow the instructions and guidelines provided here. The 5–8-page requirementexcludes the title, abstract, and reference pages.Follow these guidelines in your paper:1. Organize it into topical headings (leadership principles from table 4.1).a. Each heading must be a leadership principle that you have learned in the course anda guiding principle for the leader (topic) you have chosen.b. Under each heading, include (as citations) where the principles are found in thevarious assignments and how they all fit together.c. Be sure that all the paragraphs under each heading relate directly to the principlebeing discussed.2. Under each heading, include examples of the principle from the class textbook and thefollowing suggested sources:a. Related reading assignmentsb. Course presentationsc. Bible3. Format your paper in current APA style and follow scholarly writing standards.a. Do not use first-person perspective.b. Use double-spacing in the paper.c. Include an abstract.d. Use internal citations. (Any in-text citations must have corresponding references inthe reference list.)e. Include a properly cited reference list. Some reminders:i. Cite references from the various materials from the course (and any otherreferences) that support your choice of principles.ii. Do not use underlining.iii. The words in the titles of a journal article or a book are not capitalized(except for the first word, proper nouns, and the first word following acolon).iv. References must have corresponding in-text citations.4. Incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy.a. The content must reflect higher-level thinking skills: synthesis, analysis, andevaluation.b. The content must demonstrate an understanding of the principles and ethics of theChristian educational leader.5. Do not write less than 5 pages or more than 8 pages. Page limit does not include the titlepage, abstract, or references. Quality, not volume, is required.

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Law Question
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