Lack of development in poor countries of the world.


The paper will be about 1500 words (double spaced) long, excluding the cover page and list of References. Include the ‘word count’ at the end of your concluding paragraph. Be concise and to the point. Include what is relevant to the main argument and leave out unnecessary detail or background information. Please use standard size 12 font and keep 1” margins on all sides, include the page numbers, a cover page, in-text or parenthetical citations, a list of references. Do not personalize the papers (e.g. I belive, I feel, etc.) and use any value laden or normative expressions such as “we all know” (feel, hope, believe, think, etc.), or conclude their paper with a judgmental overtone, such as “we are certain” or “absolutely wrong/right” or “we will overcome. Include 15 in text citations.

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Lack of development in poor countries of the world.
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