LAC 120 USM Video Games and Violent Behavior Statistics Research Questions LOS 120 Assessment #2 There is questions about the research paper Video Games an

LAC 120 USM Video Games and Violent Behavior Statistics Research Questions LOS 120 Assessment #2 There is questions about the research paper Video Games and Violent Behavior.Please send ONE document either in Word. You can paste your
Excel charts in the Word document, but please send ONE WORD DOCUMENT. NO PDFS
Statistics for Informed Decision Making
Assessment #2
4: Excellent: Full Accomplishment
Strategy and execution meet the content, processes, and qualitative
demands of the task. If it is a mathematical problem, all of the work is
shown in a neat and logical manner. Questions asking for an explanation
are judged by effectiveness, not length. This is where you get most of
the points. Just don’t brush off the explanation with a sentence or two.
Really dig deep and tell the full story. I am assessing your ability to
analyze and evaluate your findings. It is very easy to make an Excel
chart, but I want to know what you have learned from delving into the
problem. The explanation and interpretation are accurate, clear, and
grammatically correct. Graphs have a title and the axes are clearly
labeled with appropriate units.
3: Proficient: Substantial Accomplishment
Work to full accomplishment but with minimal explanation. Errors are
minor, instructor is confident that understanding is adequate to
accomplish the objective.
2: Marginal: Partial Accomplishment
Part of the task is accomplished, but there is lack of understanding or
evidence of not understanding. The explanation is minimal and indicates
lack of understanding or laziness.
1: Unsatisfactory: Little Accomplishment
The task is attempted and some mathematical effort is made. There may
be fragments of accomplishment but little or no success.
0: Consider bribing the instructor with chocolate. 70% dark is the
For full credit, you must a) Show all of your work in a clear and
orderly manner and explain each part of the problem. When you
are asked to discuss in detail you should respond with more than
one sentence. See rubric above for 4 points. Do not bore me! Each
section of the problem is worth up to 4 points. That means 10
questions sections for a total of 40 points.
Each Part represents the corresponding chapter in the book.
Chapter 8
There are 80 students enrolled in an introductory Statistics class; you are
to select a sample of 5. How can you select an SRS of 5 students using
these random digits found on the Internet?
Chapter 9
We are planning an experiment to see whether the new pet food is safe
for dogs to eat. We will feed some animals the new food and others a
food known to be safe, comparing their health after a period of time.
In this experiment, how will you implement the principles of control,
randomization, and replication?
Chapter 10
Find a standard thumbtack and practice tossing it onto a flat surface.
Notice that there are two different outcomes: The tack can land point
down or point up. (If you do not have a thumbtack, improvise. You’re
a) Toss the tack 50 times and record the outcomes. Record the results in
an Excel chart. Explain what you did.
b) Give the probabilities of the two possible outcomes based on these
results. Show your work. Explain.
c) Ask other people (at least one) to repeat the process. How well do
your probabilities agree? Discuss your findings.
Chapter 11
The scores of 12th-grade students on the National Assessment of
Educational Progress year 2000 mathematics test have a distribution that
is approximately Normal with mean ? = 300 and standard deviation ? =
(a) Choose one 12th-grader at random. What is the probability that his or
her score is higher than 300? Higher than 335?
(b) Now choose an SRS of four 12th-graders and calculate their mean
score x. If you did this many times, what would be the mean and
standard deviation of all the x-values?
(c) What is the probability that the mean score for your SRS is higher
than 300? Higher than 335?
Chapter 14
Census Bureau data show that the mean household income in the area
served by a shopping mall is $72,500 per year. A market research firm
questions shoppers at the mall. The researchers suspect the mean
household income of mall shoppers is higher than that of the general
population. State ???? and ????. Explain completely.
Research Paper Question
Please state your topic AND your clearly worded hypothesis as well as
your progress on your research paper. How much work have you done
on the paper? Did you pass in an outline? Did you send at least one
draft? Remember, the more drafts you send the higher your grade. This
is a check-in question but it is still worth 4-points.

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LAC 120 USM Video Games and Violent Behavior Statistics Research Questions LOS 120 Assessment #2 There is questions about the research paper Video Games an
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