Lab Result Assignment | Online Assignment

BIO 263 Lab Practical Exam Instructions

Directions: Choose one observation from the list on the next page and complete the following steps:

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Lab Result Assignment | Online Assignment
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1. Create a hypothesis to explain the observation.
2. Design an experiment to test this hypothesis.
3. Make a prediction about your result.
4. Choose the appropriate data set from the provided excel file (i.e., choose the data set that is in a format that matches the format of the data you would have collected from your experiment). Each data set is on a different tab within this excel file. You can assign your own units to the data and ignore issues with the data regarding scale and realistic values. For example, if you were measuring in number of individuals in a quadrat but the data has decimals or you were measuring Shannon Index and the values are WAY too high for that type of measurement, that’s okay. We will understand your results/graphs. DO NOT ALTER THE DATA.
5. Perform an appropriate statistical analysis on these data.
6. Write up your result in a manuscript-style paper that includes:
a. An introduction that consists only of the alternative hypothesis, null hypothesis, and prediction.
b. A complete methods section describing your experiment design. This methods section should follow all the rules discussed in lab.
c. A complete results section (including results statement and properly formatted graphs). This results section should follow all the rules discussed in lab. To ensure accurate grading, please make it clear which of the provided data sets you used in your analysis.
d. A discussion section that follows all the rules discussed in lab (two paragraphs or so would be sufficient). This section should:
i. Cite at least one peer-reviewed journal article with a properly formatted parenthetical citation
ii. Interpret and discuss the biological significance of your result (using the citation(s) for support)
iii. Discusses future directions for research
e. A references section containing properly formatted full citation(s) for the journal article(s) cited in your discussion section.

Observations (Choose One)

1. There are more Yucca whipplei on south facing slopes than north facing slopes in San Luis Obispo.
2. The trees at the top of the hill have fewer leaves than trees at the bottom of the hill.
3. Rocks in tidal zones with sea stars have fewer mussels than rocks without sea stars.
4. Larger traffic intersections have more birds flying around than smaller intersections.
5. Deer in Yosemite national park flee from people at a shorter distance than deer in Stanislaus National Forest (designated as a wilderness).
6. Hiking trails with more human foot traffic have less woody vegetation (e.g, trees) than hiking trails with less human traffic.
7. Songbirds living in cities experience lower fitness than songbirds living in rural areas.
8. Conifer trees in dense forests experience higher rates of pine beetle infestation than conifer trees in more disturbed areas (with lower tree density).


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