Knowledge Management Strategy

Paper instructions

Please select a small company first, it could be a Chinese or Australian. Because it must including the Interview Details such as: Mr _______ became a casual labourer in 2012, has worked driving trucks, and is now a full- time project manager. His experience in the company makes him a good interviewee and candidate for the LOS.
Contact details: ___________________
First: ————– Second: ————–

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Knowledge Management Strategy
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Those information can be virtual or hypothetical. Please let me know which company you will select before the work start.
I will upload a essay sample for reference, you could use the same Methods(Zack) as mentioned in the paper. More details are in the file named: N1_Knowledge Management Weekly Learning Materials.
Please also follow all the contents structure in the sample.

Please also note this assessment I have ordered 3 times already before this one, they have all been failed. So please be sure to refer to all the materials I have uploaded this time.


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