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dq2 – Please respond to the following discussion with your thoughts, concerns or do you have any questions. Min 50 words to 80 words. 

To begin I would like to make it clear that the city falls short of meeting their obligations when it comes to keeping the water safe to drink. Last month the public was instructed boil the water before consuming because they had discovered the water was contaminated with E-coli. Please know the city like to keep important information from the public, so I suspect the report presented does only give enough information to comply with state and federal regulations. The list found shows a basic listing of the minerals found in the four water sources being utilized, list in recognizable order,  from aluminum – silica – mercury, there are twenty five items on the list. There is a separate report that contains the finding of e-coli that states an absence of e-coli in the water, which not the case. The water boiling notification was broadcast on through the local news television station and newspaper. As I state before the city does not do very well in anything they do.  Research tells me the local water department is going through the process in reverse. If it were me I would start with the coagulation and flocculation treatments first, then on to the settling tanks to collect sedimentation, with filtration to remove the particulates that have gathered through the first step of coagulation and flocculation. Then finally end with disinfection of the outgoing water. This process would cut down on the risk factor of the public becoming exposed to harmful bacteria.

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Keeping the water safe to drink | Homework Help
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