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One important way in which race and ethnicity have affected criminal justice processing relates to the institution of the jury. Historically, people of color were either not eligible for serving on juries (i.e., they were excluded from the jury pool) or they were the focus of techniques that ensured they would not be selected to serve on juries.

In discussing this issue, I want you to do two things.
First, drawing (From the attached Readings)Walker and his colleagues’ lengthy discussion of jury pools and jury selection, describe the history on this issue—what are some of the key ways in which people of color have been excluded from jury service, and what are some of the important Supreme Court and legal decisions in this area? Second, I want you to answer a question that admittedly calls for your subjective opinion, but be sure to explain your thoughts, drawing from the relevant course materials.

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Jury Pools
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The question is this: Are all of these concerns about race-based jury exclusion relevant to the modern-day United States? Maybe this issue is less of a concern, given the civil rights gains made in recent generations. Alternatively, one might argue that there are serious problems or the threat of serious problems with this issue that continue up through the present. Here’s what I ask of you: Consider this issue, being sure to elaborately explain your thoughts in ways that respect the value of alternative opinions


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