Jewish school systems.

Paper instructions

Write a paper (using APA format) that will involve analyzing a reading program designed for students with reading difficulties. Choose a specific literacy program to research. Use at least three professional sources for your paper. In your paper, describe the theory/premise behind the program as well as the specific techniques and methods utilized, and skills or strategies taught. Based on your research, perform a critique of the program selected. Would you recommend this program for struggling readers? Which aspects of the reading program would make it successful/unsuccessful? Include at least three points of critique in your analysis (see Appendix B for rubric).
The following is a partial list of programs. Feel free to use any program not on this list. There are many programs and a simple Google search will bring up numerose sites which list programs.
The following are commonly used in the Jewish school systems.

Orton – Gillingham
LiPS (Lindamood)
Kumon Reading Program
Read Right
Wilson Reading System
Lively Letters
Phono Graphix
Read 180 Program
Equipped for Reading Success

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Jewish school systems.
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