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Applying descriptive and predictive analytics techniques to an organization’s data set to yield actionable insights that will help the

Please use RapidMiner Studio to analyze the data set

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IT, Website Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Written Communication Assessment Rubric: ITEC 320, Spring 2020

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Key Issues

and Content

Writing demonstrates sophisticated understanding of content through strong analysis of the key issues and concepts. Writing demonstrates understanding through solid analysis of key issues and concepts with only minor lapses. Writing conveys basic but incomplete or unsophisticated understanding of key issues and concepts. There is some elementary analysis. Writing is unfocused, contains errors in logic, or fails to demonstrate awareness of important issues.
Conclusions or Recommendations (when applicable) Writing demonstrates thoughtful, creative, and well-developed recommendations based on the key issues identified. Writing demonstrates solid recommendations based on the key issues identified. Writing has recommendations but they may lack explanation, or be incomplete or inadequate based on the key issues identified. Writing has vague or no recommendations based on the key issues identified, or the recommendations are unrelated to the key issues.
Writing Style Writing demonstrates sophisticated language that is clear, concise, and correct. The tone persuades the audience, has error-free grammar, and the text is precise and dynamic. Writing demonstrates a solid level of clarity, conciseness, and correctness. The tone is appropriate for the audience, and the grammar has few errors. Writing conveys basic clarity, but may be wordy or vague, and contain some errors in grammar and usage. The tone may be too informal or less appropriate for the audience in places. Writing lacks clarity, is wordy or vague, or contains numerous errors. Tone and word choices are inappropriate or arbitrary for the audience.
Organization The text is extremely well-organized. Paragraphs are led by effective topic sentences, and sentence structure is varied and dynamic. Document is extremely easy to follow and understand. The text is generally well-organized. Paragraph and sentence structure is effective in conveying information. Document is generally easy to follow. The text has some basic organization overall, but lacks consistency. Paragraphs may lack effective topic sentences or be long and unfocused; sentences may ramble. Document is understandable, but requires substantial effort. The text is mostly or entirely unorganized. Paragraphs lack effective topic sentences and/or may be too long and unfocused. Sentences fail to convey ideas concisely. Document is very difficult or impossible to follow.
Technical Level Writing demonstrates a clear understanding of the technical level of the audience, and expresses concepts and results appropriate for that level. Writing demonstrates a general understanding of the technical level of the audience, and mostly expresses results and concepts at the appropriate level. Writing demonstrates a basic grasp of the audience’s technical level, but expresses some concepts and results at a clearly inappropriate level. Writing demonstrates little to no understanding of the audience’s technical level, and expresses concepts and results in a way that is clearly inappropriate.



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