Introduction to Business Assignment | Online Assignment

Ch 1 Web Assignments – Choose 1 of the 3 prompts to write your paper. Your paper should be a minimum of 350 words in length and follow APA style guidelines. Your paper must include at least two outside sources, one of which can be your textbook. See the rubric provided for web assignments in course content, below the last module. Using search engines. Gathering information is one of the most popular applications of the Web. Using two of the major search engines, such as Google and Firefox, search the Web for information pertaining to brand and relationship management. Sort through your results—you are likely to gets thousands of “hits”—and identify the three most useful. What did you learn from this experience regarding the use of a search engine? Companies and not-for-profits. In addition to companies, virtually all not-for-profit organizations have Web sites. Four Web sites are listed below, two for companies (Alcoa and Sony) and two for not-for-profits (Cleveland Clinic and National Audubon Society). What is the purpose of each Web site? What type of information is available? How are the sites similar? How are they different? Characteristics of U.S. workforce. Visit the Web site listed below. It is the home page for the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Published annually by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Statistical Abstract is a good source of basic demographic and economic data. Click on “Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings.” Use the relevant data tables to prepare a brief profile of the U.S. workforce (gender, age, educational level, and so forth). How is this profile expected to change during the next 10 to 20 years? Note: Internet Web addresses change frequently. If you do not find the exact sites listed, you may need to access the organization’s home page and search from there or use a search engine such as Firefox or Google.

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Introduction to Business Assignment | Online Assignment
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