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Interpersonal Communication
Read the attached scene. Tim and Robin are new friends having a conversation about running. Your assignment is to identify specific examples where Self Disclosure, Empathic Listening, and Differing Perceptions are displayed in this conversation.
Did both Robin and Tim self-disclose in this dialogue? Give examples of self-disclosure that occurred.
Did Tim demonstrate empathic listening? If not, identify those points in which he might have demonstrated empathy.
Did the two persons have differing perceptions? How did these perceptions affect their conversation?
Did both of the communicators demonstrate active listening?
Rewrite the dialogue in a manner that you believe is realistic for two persons who are attempting to develop their friendship. Identify where and which Relationship Maintenance Behaviors you would use.
Mechanics: This assignment will be graded on QUALITY not Quantity. There is no page or word requirement. Answer each question completely. (Suggested pages: 3, not including the new script)
Times New Roman, 12pt font. 1” margins.

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interpersonal | Excelling Homework
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