Internal Communication Case Study Assignment | Online Assignment

Write a case study of approximately 400-500 words based on the following prompt:: – Your communication company has been hired by a popular ride-sharing app that has received numerous customer complaints about some drivers making inappropriate comments. Advise the organization on ways to ensure that all drivers understand the organization’s expectations for professional behaviour This prompt is based on a real-world scenario. You will require research to fully understand the possible internal problem, and to help develop solution options. Brainstorm and research to discover what organizations might do to resolve the issue. Rather than attaching your case to a specific organization, make up a name for your organization, and draw on results from researching several organizations when possible. The Case Study should include the following components: • The organization’s name, with a one-sentence mission statement; • A statement of the internal communication problem (read prompts carefully!); • A breakdown of possible reasons for the problem (research required); • A discussion of possible solutions, including a comparative analysis of each solution (research and use course concepts); • A recommendation for the strongest solution, the rationale behind this recommendation, and a plan for implementing the proposed solution. The problem should only be briefly stated (no more than a third of the case study); focus on options for resolution (about two-thirds of the case study). The busy executive wants to know how to resolve the issue! You may incorporate a few bullet points; however, do not present the entire case study in point form. Use complete sentences and paragraphs, with single spacing. Use section headings to guide the reader. Use objective voice (not first person), as this is formal writing. Draw on material from lectures, readings, class discussions, and your own experiences. All secondary sources must be documented using APA style in-text citations and a reference list. Use at least three sources (in addition to the course textbook). Remember to focus on the internal communication problem and what will solve it. Don’t get caught up in a PR issue

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Internal Communication Case Study Assignment | Online Assignment
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