Instruments used to quantify data

Paper instructions

Quantitative Tools

Refer to the study that uses quantitative methods that you chose for discussion in Unit 1 to complete this discussion (article attached). Note: If the article that you selected in Unit 1 will not allow you to thoroughly address all of the points required for this discussion, you will need to search for another study using quantitative methods.

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Instruments used to quantify data
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Address the following (at least 250 words):

Identify the instrument or instruments used to quantify the data, the level of measurement for each instrument, and the statistics used to analyze the data.
Identify and describe the constructs, variables, and operational definitions included in the research. Do not just list terms. Include a description of how the researcher defined these.
Describe the cognitive tool used to interpret the data. Possibilities include deductive logic, inductive reasoning, scientific method, or critical thinking.
Discuss the usefulness of the operational definitions for the constructs in this study. How could they have been defined differently? Were the operational definitions sufficient to allow the researcher to answer the research question? Make sure to justify your answer.
Explain the importance of operational definitions to scientific merit.
List the persistent link for the article.
Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post.

Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers and respond to one, addressing the following (at least 75 words):

Follow the persistent link provided by your peer to read the article being discussed.
Using the language of research, explain how you agree or disagree with your peer’s evaluation, offering your own suggestions for improving the research design.

Peer Post:


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