Insite-Plus approach to Harm reduction


Assignment  title 403

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Insite-Plus approach to Harm reduction
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  1. Harm Reduction

The Toronto Public Health Department wants to open an Insite-Plus Harm Reduction Clinic in downtown Toronto.  The clinic will be based on the Four Pillars program used in Vancouver. The difference between the planned Toronto clinic and the Vancouver clinic is that drugs will be provided at the Insite-Plus site. Other services include counseling, and an opportunity to enter rehabilitation. There will be a social services office at the clinic to help clients with their finances and housing.


Discuss whether you support the Insite-Plus approach to Harm reduction and why.


Your position needs to be supported by ethical reasoning and evidence-based practice.



Use resources about APA 5th edition and essay formatting.

Conduct a literature review on your chosen topic from scholarly journals, reliable web-sites and academic books.

You must support your thesis with evidence from the literature you located reviewed during your literature review. In the introduction of your paper you need to clearly outline your position about your chosen topic by including a concise and clearly worded thesis statement. You need to develop your paper by advancing an ethical argument using ethical reasoning/decision making as discussed in class. Ethical theories, principles and concepts must support your position. The conclusion of your paper needs to summarize your main points and clearly reiterate your position on the topic that is the focus of your paper.  The paper may be written in the first person.


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