Inorganic fertilizers to organic fertilizers | Homework Help

Inorganic fertilizers contribute to water pollution and your town is encouraging its citizens to switch from inorganic fertilizers to organic fertilizers, like seaweed powder, so as to minimize pollution. You have a prize winning rose garden that you fertilize with inorganic fertilizers. Being a good researcher and critical thinker, you are not convinced that the seaweed powder will yield the same results as the inorganic fertilizer you have used for years with good results. In order to draw your own conclusion based on scientific evidence, you decide to conduct an experiment in your garden. Design an experiment to test the following hypothesis: Soluble seaweed powder is just as effective as using inorganic fertilizer on my rose garden. Be sure to descriptions of your test subjects, sample size, control(s), dependent and independent variables, the type of data collected) and hypothetical results/conclusion in your experiment. Does your conclusion support the hypothesis?

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Inorganic fertilizers to organic fertilizers | Homework Help
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