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INSTRUCTIONS : You are asked to develop and write a report to assess the following case study Part1: Place yourself in the role of an innovation manager in a selected company and describe the specific strategic issues that the company has been facing (for example, sales drop, hard competition, …). You have to select a known company from one of the following sectors (television and movie streaming services like Netflix, telecommunications and networking sector like Ericsson, video game industry like Electronic Arts, retailing sector like a specific department store, luxury goods sector like Louis Vuitton, automotive industry like Seat, consultancy services like KPMG, pharmaceutical industry like Pfizer, travel and leisure sector like eDreams, 3D printing industry like HP, e-commerce industry like Amazon and information technology and digitalization services like PTC) Part2: Propose and develop an innovation strategy to address the strategical issues identified. The innovative strategy should cover the following: a. Analyse its external competitive environment and identify the key factors that this organization have to manage to achieve success in innovation b. Assess its internal capabilities and constraints in terms of innovation c. Identify the most relevant dimensions to innovate within this company d. Propose different forms of intellectual property that this firm can implement and manage and assess their effectiveness in the innovation strategy of your firm. e. Identify and specify the main elements included in the knowledge base of your firm Your analysis should be through and include concepts, theories and methodologies studied in class • Expected table of contents: 1) Introduction and background of the firm 2) The strategic issues that the company is facing 3) Firm’s external competitive environment and the external key factors of innovation 4) Firm’s internal key factors of innovation 5) The innovation dimensions of this firm 6) Proposed Intellectual Property forms of this firm 7) The knowledge base of this firm and its main elements 8) Final conclusions about the main aspects of the innovation strategy that this firm should develop to address the strategical issues identified Formalities: • Wordcount: between 2000- 2500 words • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount. • Font: Arial 12,5 pts. • Text alignment: Justified. • The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style

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Innovation Management Assignment | Online Assignment
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