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Assignment length: 4 Pages plus appendices Usability Engineering
Assignment 3 – Individual Assignment (25%)

From time to time, Governments commission the collection of data, and then
make the data publicly available. The Australian Government has released
data collected for Tourism Research Australia regarding the international
visitors to Australia:
In particular they have published information about the state of the industry in
September 2019 and comparing data from September 2018 with data from
September 2019. The report and data is available in the first two files at the
website link above, namely TRA State of the Industry 2019, and International
Visitor Survey (IVS) Data – September 2019.
The report, data and research were primarily aimed at explaining the financial
position of the industry. However, now that the data is open source, it can be
used to explain other things as well.
Your task for this assignment is to study the data and write a summary report
about it addressing the following questions and explaining how you analysed
and found the relevant information.
Data Analysis:
1. What quantitative data is provided?
2. What qualitative data is provided?
3. How comprehensive and complete is the data? Do you think there may
be any missing data?
4. The authors of the report have produced an analysis which primarily
compares profit from 2018 with profit made in 2019. On the whole was
the profit increasing? What does the report say about this?
5. In the introduction to the report, the authors of the report state:
“There is more understanding of diverse cultures and practices, and an increased
awareness of the impact people have on the environment and the community. This
has seen more interest in sustainability, with new trends emerging, including ‘flight
shaming’ and a focus on minimising travel miles.”
Is there any data from the survey and report which supports this assertion? Give the
actual questions, descriptions or definitions and data which could support it or reject
6. If we consider this from a user perspective, where the user is an international
tourist to Australia, is there any information in this report which could be of
interest to a user?
7. What information does the report provide about technology and disruption?
8. For maximum marks, include at least two other research questions of your
choice involving the data and report.
Report Requirements:
In your report, you will need to explain your decisions regarding your answers to the
analysis questions. In particular your decisions in relation to any missing or
mismatched data should be explained and your choice of statistical analysis
techniques and parameters.
You should report descriptive statistics where you can, and include graphs and data
summaries where appropriate.
Clearly state any limitations relating to the results
And critically evaluate the report and survey.
Report Presentation:
To achieve maximum marks your work must fulfil these criteria:
● Have good use of layout and space.
● Be a professional report using appropriate language.
● Have sensible colours, fonts, and sizes.
● Be a maximum of FOUR pages long (excluding graphs and appendices).
● The report must be submitted as PDF or Word document to CANVAS.
You may choose an academic paper format (eg. IEEE) or an industry report layout.
Late Penalties
0 to 14:59 minutes no late penalty
15 minutes to 1 hour 5% off final mark
1 hour to 1 day 10% off final mark
1 day to 5 days 10% off final mark for every day late
more than 5 days 100% penalty (you will get 0 marks)

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